3 thoughts on “Tosatti: in Europe, Vaxx has Killed 12,184 and injured 1.1+ Million”

  1. Satan & his demons have taken over the governments of the world as he said he could if given the time to do so. Unfortunately for us Christ agreed & we are living through the consequences. Since VII & the ditching of the Latin Mass our exorcists have stated their powers to exorcise bad spirits has greatly diminished, hence they are enabled to pursue their evil tricks on the public at large. In order to overcome their wickedness we must press the leadership of the CC to immediately organise public Masses for the intention of the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary who has promised Her Triumph when all seems lost. As long as Sodomy, together with Pride Marches & ‘blessings’, are allowed in the Ape Church without significant opposition from clergy & laity as per our Cathoic Heritage, this horrendous chastisement will continue.

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