Andrea Cionci: Il Messaggio nella Bottiglia

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2 thoughts on “Andrea Cionci: Il Messaggio nella Bottiglia”

  1. It has become a necessity to compile a list of present-day Cardinals & Bishops that come from the line of Rampolla. These men are responsible for the usurpation of VII, the introduction of False Ecumenism, Destruction of our Churches & the ditching of the Mass of Ages. Satan is their god & they must be stopped!

    The gift of the Papacy through St. Peter cannot be bifurcated by anyone, even a Pope. By adding munus to the canon underscores that a valid Pope not only holds the munus but the ministerium as well. We cannot be forced to accept the satanic ideology that a validly elected Pope may voluntarily, or through coercion, decide not to carry out the function of that Office. The fact that the election of JB was illegal according to the canons governing papal elections & PJPII’s Rules & has never been ratified, must surely emphasise the blatant fact that for the past eight years the CC has been governed by an Antipope & a posse of his illegally appointed followers who are hell-bent on eliminating God & introducing the NWO godless society. How the entire prelature can sit back & watch silently while this plan is being played out I cannot begin to understand. Is there no Canon(s) that we can utilise to finally end this abhorrent & demonic situation?

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