5 thoughts on “James Corbett speaks with the Corona Investigation Committee about the Great Reset”

  1. Viviane Fischer asks if the Mega Group is in charge and James replies that they cannot be dismissed. There is an 800 lb. gorilla in the room that is not being seen. If one group, headed by one individual, manages the issue of money in 205 countries, and that money, which is just a state sanctioned counterfeiting operation, charges interest on all money issued, might not that concentration of wealth suggest some logical center for the consolidation of world power to one center?

  2. I recommend looking into archives.gov. I found a paper written by Bill Clinton under his fundamental science and biotechnology, that is titled, A
    Virtuous Infection. It goes on to say, “using Agrobacterium causing crown gall disease”. That struck me as odd.
    There was also a paper written by Robert Miller 1 Sept. 1818, Notes on Occult Knowledge. It was a fascinating look on the thoughts then. But why would that be in our archives?
    There’s a letter to Jefferson that paints a vastly different picture of US history than what were told, and its written under (pseudonym) A. Slave. I recommend searching for some answers in the archives.
    There’s a ton of shady things presidents have done that we’ve never heard of, including Trump. And with Trump, there was a lot done surrounding Antarctica. I think more should be explored there.
    All of these selected (not elected) have sold out the “useless eaters”.
    Every single politician is complicit. And in the founding days, there was alot of discussion about this happening. There was fore knowledge. How was that possible?!

  3. Everything they say, or write about, especially in archives.gov, is fundamental. So I looked up the etymology of the word, because their speak needs to be brought into perspective. I read somewhere that they turned the English language into a language of incantations. They’ve weaponized our language. And are taking advantage of the multiple definitions of our words. So here is the etymology of fundamental…


  4. One last thing. Pay attention to dates they put out there, and numbers they use. There’s a gematria in the numbers, and look up what happened in history on those days. Walz in Minnesota is supposedly ending his dictates on June 30. On that date in history was the start of Hitlers night of the long knives, which ended july 4th. There’s something wrong with this!
    They haven’t proven a virus exists. And there’s Mike Osterholm of CIDRAP , whom I believe is more involved than anyone knows. I have information on his involvement that would shake the puppet fauci road! Typing here is incredibly slow. If you want to get my info, shoot me an email.

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