Microsoft working on DNA tech to kill and control cells remotely

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5 thoughts on “Microsoft working on DNA tech to kill and control cells remotely”

  1. Perhaps it’s just me, but Dr. Andrew Phillips comes across as a creepy snake oil salesman trying to sell something much more harmful than sugar water. His serpentine smile and sideways glances do not reassure.
    Genetic research is rife with unintended effects. Researchers treat DNA as if there are no second order interactions, and that’s simply not true on a massive scale.
    One even senses the call of the anti-Christ in this. That is, solutions for all of humanity’s ills but at the cost of faithfulness to Christ. We will be offered perfect physical and mental health so that everyone is content (which may or may not be true) and greatly expanded human capabilities (which may or may not be true). This will raise the obvious question: Who needs God when we can solve all our earthly problems ourselves?
    But we won’t be given the option of picking which answer we prefer. The one acceptable answer will be rammed down our throats, just like everything that came out of COVID. It will be a matter of choosing the Great Internal Reset without God or being severely persecuted as anti-humanists who foolishly cling to outdated modes of thinking. The Great Ones of the World will take extra measures to make sure there is no place on earth for religious “fanatics.”

  2. I wonder how what they inject (nanobots or whatever) are powered. Don’t they need some kind of power source?

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