4 thoughts on “Meet the Satanic Organization behind the planning of the Great Reset”

  1. I can’t watch this ….not good for my blood pressure. Where are our Patriotic warriors..
    Where are our great Navy Seals…our Snipers…our Green Berets? Where are the French Foreign Legion or the great Polish Special Ops..?
    Don’t they YET realize who the REAL Enemies of Freedom and Decency are…???
    You crush the head of a venomous serpent…you don’t just stand back and look at it.

  2. Figures like Mark Carney and Maurice Strong hint at the centrality of Canada in the financial world order. You can also see it in the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and JFK, and in the inception of the OSS/CIA. The University of Toronto is as important as Yale in the recruitment of oligarchic Janissaries (I was such a candidate).

    Don’t let the confusion of the past 2 or 3 centuries obscure the agenda that has advanced over 2 or 3 millennia. The full picture is much larger than the modern era. The “elite’s” orthodoxy predates Western Civilization. It is far from “New”.

  3. Can you please attach a precis of these very long Reports which few can manage to listen to in full? The Italian & Polish videos also need either sub-titles or a written resume. Gracias.

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