More on the Satanist, Alexander Dugin

Dugin is an ideological rival of Bergoglio, but that does not mean he is an enemy. Here Dr. De Mattei shares some very interesting information about this man who was invited by Prof. Lamendola along with Archbishop Viganò, to speak at the same conference.

3 thoughts on “More on the Satanist, Alexander Dugin”

  1. I have been following De Mattei last articles.
    His writings had changed a lot in recent years in the bad way.
    As you may know he encourages people to vaccinate and is supporting this on the basis of December 20 “EX “ CONGREGATION OF THE FAITH LETTER.
    He is supposed to be in opposition to this false Pope, which he recognizes as real Pope, but if you look under the line he is working for Bergoglio.
    You cannot trust him any more.
    There is an outstanding letter of Cristopher Ferrara regarding the abortion vaccines and the De Mattei support to them.

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