Eric Clapton speaks about Brexit and the Scamdemic

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7 thoughts on “Eric Clapton speaks about Brexit and the Scamdemic”

  1. I feel pity for the likes of Eric Clapton, Van Morrison & the multitude of musicians, entertainers, celebrities of the 1960s era onwards. Most came from faithless & broken homes & dropped out of schooling at an early age. WWII followed by the Flower People drop-out culture of drug, alcohol abuse & living around provided the backdrop to family disunity & moral decay. The CC, & other ‘Christian’ denominations had nothing to offer as they also were being manipulated by evil predators who had no faith themselves & a downright hatred for those who still clung to Christianity, much like to-day.

    Clapton is struggling for a reasonable answer to the world we live in where through fear & persecution people are floundering around looking for true knowledge of what is going on & the leadership to get us out of it. No-one speaks of the predicted Spiritual War (not even clerics) nor of God’s absolute Kingship & His omnipotence. As evangelisation was dropped by VII’s False Ecumenism very few have received a Catholic/Christian education & this must be laid at the door of those Marxist/Masonic/Mordernists who have held power in the CC since VII & have successfully homosexualised the Church from top to bottom. It is such a disastrous situation that only a Divine miracle will save mankind as no human intervention is strong enough to prise the grip Satan has on the OHCA Church – only God can do this & relieve us not only of Satan but also his minions in the prelature of the CC who have stood idly by watching the sheepfold disintegrate before their eyes while the apostates, so often spoken about in scripture, carry out his orders. A failed episcopacy led by sodomites has been allowed to inculcate our seminarians, university & college students & finally close our churches in obedience to similarly run civil authorities but not to God whom they were ordained & consecrated to serve.

  2. Eric Clapton faults vaccine ‘propaganda’ for putting his health at risk — I’m praying for Eric Clapton. It’s good to see he’s speaking out. I love his music and I admire his bravery.

    1. Clapton is now among the walking dead. Next flu season and he’s gone! He lacked the deep inner connection with Almighty God, who is Truth, God is Truth, Truth is God. That’s why many are floundering about waiting to be plucked off before their time by evil pharma.

  3. If Eric Clapton can still play for a live audience he said that he’s never going to allow anyone to require that they be vaccinated to attend his concerts.
    He also said he feels badly now about not knowing better before he took the shots.
    My prayers go out to him and I admire his honesty and how caring he’s being about everyone else.

    1. I greatly admire Eric Clapton’s honesty regarding his vaccine experience. I know several people who had very bad reactions to the vaccine. Florida’s per capital death rate ranks 29th out of 50. Mandates and lockdowns obviously do not help. I plan to attend one of his concerts

  4. thanks Eric Clapton. Only God knows the truth and to Him alone should we forever rely on.

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