Italian Anti-mafia Magistrate: We have only one pope, Benedict!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

For the first time, in Italy, a public official has declared for Pope Benedict XVI. The testimony came from an expert in jurisprudence, Angelo Giorgianni, a native of Messina.

At 4:35, Sig. Giorgianni, standing on the docks of Messina, Siciliy, says: “We have only one pope. Benedict!”

To which the Messinese cheer!

As the grandson of a Messinese grandfather, I could not be more proud of my ancestral city, as I am today.

For years the Bergoglians demanded: name one lawyer, canonists, judge, Cardinal, Bishop who holds that Benedict XVI is the pope, and we will believe you!

And so we have named, Cardinal Burke, the first to believe this, Archbishop Lenga, Bishop Gracida, and now Giorgianni.

They have demanded we quote Pope Benedict, and we have, when he said, “I have NOT abdicated!”

So now there is no excuse. Those who reject Benedict are public manifest and pertinacious schismatics.

But all these testimonies mean nothing to those who have intentionally, willfully decided to join the Church of the Antichrist and follow Bergoglio into it, even if they kick and scream to pretend they disagree.

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  1. That’s nice! I like your idea of mentioning all social cathegories which agree on the same idea, namely that JM Bergoglio is just the heretic black cardinal who without any legitimacy sits in Saint Peter’s chair.

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