Altiyan Childs rennounces Freemasony and exposes the Globalists as Satanists

WIKIPEDIA: On April 15th of 2021, Altiyan released a five hour YouTube video in which he talks about the belief that there is a secret society running the world. In the video, he claims that Freemasons and in particular an inner circle within Freemasonry, have total control of the world. This inner circle is open only to the rich, powerful, and members of prestigious families, including many politicians, businessmen, musicians, actors, and other entertainers. Altiyan claims to have been part of this cult, but that his life is now in risk for posting the video in which he reveals their inner secrets

This above is that 5 hour video.

at about 3:32:00 He begins a 65 minute presentation on the New World Order.


  1. Pope Benedict XVI is not giving a masonic hand shake, though the man shaking his hand is trying.
  2. The original Knights Templars were not a secret society. But modern day Masons want you to think that and do use their name for wicked purposes.
  3. The number 666 is not revealed by Jesus Christ, but by St. John the Apostle in the Apocalypse.
  4. When Our Lord said, “Call no one your master, because one is your Master”, he was referring to Himself not vaguely to God.
  5. At 5:02:02 he says there is no pope in the bible and no verse commanding Christians to obey the clergy and that this proves the bible was not written by the Catholic Church! — Oh boy!  When there is
    • Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build My Church, and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against Her.
    • He who hears you, hears Me.
    • It is a historical fact that the Canon of the Old and New Testament was defined by the Catholic Church, the former at the Council of Trent, the later Council of Carthage. It is also a historical fact that every new Testament Writer was a Catholic Apostle or Bishop.
    • There are a whole series of protestant errors which follow as any Catholic can comprehend, so it probably useless to name them all, so please ignore it all, since it is not endorsed by FromRome.Info.
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8 thoughts on “Altiyan Childs rennounces Freemasony and exposes the Globalists as Satanists”

  1. Was never interested in watching this for a second, even though it was making its rounds. Thanks for confirming why I was leery about it.

  2. I love that you made the corrections to the ending of his video! I watched this about a month ago, emailed him, and mentioned some of his errors, but he wasn’t interested in what I told him. He’s a fallen away Catholic. I pray for his return to Holy Mother Church.
    God bless you!

    1. Keep praying for him! He’s come partway but Jesus wants him all and standing in the truth.

  3. I’m amazed at the criticism being shown for this man who has done this video. I can’t imagine that this was easy for him to do and for it to be 5 hours long. Confesses a lot of stuff and unless someone can validate their reasons to discredit what he is saying such as everything he just devulged about the freemasons and the UN and many other exspores he has provided. I believe him. Took him a lot of courage to turn his back on a secret society who has had blood on their hands for a long time. God Bless.

    1. Tina, I published the video because I think it is excellent. But as my readers are Catholics, and I am a monk, I have the duty to point out the doctrinal and biblical errors, in the last moments of the video.

    1. I do not think JP2 was a mason, Paul VI probably was, and John XXIII may have been. Bergoglio certainly is. However, unless the membership becomes a fact which can be canonicaly proven by documents, which is very rare and difficult, even a pope who is a mason is not thereby excommunicated, though he can do a lot of evil and wreck distruction.

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