A short highly readible summary of the real truth of the Pandemic

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2 thoughts on “A short highly readible summary of the real truth of the Pandemic”

  1. When I still find myself baffled by the mass idiocy I see almost everywhere around me, I recall that stupidity is a punishment for sin, not an excuse for it.

    And when I fall into the trap of pointing fingers I must remember that it’s not enough to think of myself as a faithful Catholic and therefore safe from all spiritual harm.

    Yes, the promises to those who pray the Rosary, wear the Brown Scapular, have made the 9 First Fridays and 5 First Saturdays, will be kept – they’ll be given the graces they need to save their souls. But do I, and will I, *accept those graces and continue to accept more*?

  2. I think it is important to view the covid 19 scamdemic as a luciferian sacrifice designed to harvest hope from people in the world to be used as energy to bring about “the opening of the gate” of the third temple of the antichrist. There is some interesting information showing this whole thing is one continuous occult initiation ritual with the “vaccine” as the “sacrament” of the ritual. And the ultimate deaths of those who have been murdered because of this ritual, the human sacrifices. If you question my analogy of the vax as a “sacrament” when someone partakes of it they are receiving human dna sacrificed for this ritual.

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