My Monthly appeal for those who can

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

FromRome.Info is an electronic journal which I launched in January 2020, as an apostolate to bring to the truth to the English speaking world, about what is going on in the Church and in Italy.

This work is supported solely by you the readers, since as a Franciscan hermit, I have no income, pension or personal funds, to turn to, having heard the counsel of Our Lord, “Go and sell everything you have and give it to the poor”, 30 years ago.

My following of Our Lord Jesus Christ, years ago, has led me along a path I would never have thought to have tread, and at last, here, at Rome, during the Scamdemic and opening of the 4th World War, that of the Masonic Lodges against Humanity. — I do not doubt we are living in apocolyptic times.

And for that reason, I am truly thankful for the support you have been giving me all along, since January, 2020. This is a miracle of grace that the Lord manifests to me each month.  Thank you.

How long we will be able to continue our online friendship this way, I do not know. Great catastrophies and persecutions await us all, who hold fast to Jesus Christ and or refuse the Scamdemic’s thousand lies.

But for now, I make an appeal to my readers for their support, so I can continue this work for your sake.

If you can help me in any way, please use this PayPal Button, to make a donation via Credit Card.  OR if you have a bank with Zelle services, you can also help me via a donation using the Zelle App.

Through PayPal via the US non profit, Save Old St. Mary’s Inc., (a donation here is tax deductible in the USA)

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