Mario Draghi is about to establish a Marxist Dictatorship in Italy

by Br. Alexis  Bugnolo

Mario Draghi is about to become dictator for life, in Italy, in my opinion. And here are the steps by which he will make it happen, according to my sources.

First, he announced as his program as Prime Minister the necessity of creative destructionsim of the Italian economy.

Second, he promoted the death Vaxx which has primed the immune systems of nearly half of all residents such that they will be killed by a lymphocyte storm produced by their own bodies the next time they encounter the winter flu.

Third, According to a source placed closely to him, is working now on a plan to dump his entire cabinet and replace them with individuals who will promote his candidacy to the presidency.

Fourth, the other day, he ordered his Minister of Health to end the mask requirement, to guarantee, in my opinion, that the Vaxxed get infected as soon as possible and begin to drop.

Fifth, when nearly 1 out of 2 Italians begin to die, he will insist on vaxxing the rest of the population.

Sixth, and since according to Italian law, the property of all those who died without any living heirs, reverts to the property of the State, with the death of 50%, Draghi’s government will come into possession of nearly 80% of all of Italy.  — I make this calculation assuming Italy is like the UK and USA where 1% of the population owns directly or indirectly more than 50% of wealth and property.

So you see, during the Scamdemic in Italy the Italians were told, All will turn out o.k.!  — They just were not told, for whom that would be o.k..

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9 thoughts on “Mario Draghi is about to establish a Marxist Dictatorship in Italy”

  1. I think that the death tax (up to 80%) on inheritance that Biden passed here in the US is not a coincidence. Nothing is a coincidence. Blackrock is buying houses in the US and Bill is buying land.. I live in Portland OR and it feels like living in hell and like there is Satana around. Leaving with my mom for a republican rural state in July, before the flu season starts. We tried to return to Europe but our flight was canceled in 2020 because of the plandemic. Our move to Europe was planned for 2 years. Now we are stuck because we are not taking the jab and we don’t want even the pcr test (could contain nanoparticles). Besides, seems that Europe is even more under dictatorship. In the US there is still some power held by the states and the constitution. Anyway, at least health of the population is vaccinated…they did a vaccine clinic in the building where we live and even came to knock at our door to offer the jab. They bring the deadly poison to your home!

  2. So we are faced with yet another coup d’etat:
    1. PBXVI
    2. Presidential Election in USA.
    3. The Italian Nation.

    If the steps listed above for this coup d’etat are correct then the counter attack must be enacted immediately. Italy has had plenty of warnings & time to put a resistance plan in place. Does Ordo-Militaris have a role to play in this last stand?

  3. 10 years ago, the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in the USA completed the re-sequencing of the 1918 Spanish Flu virus. It would not surprise me that that there would be a variant of the strain unleashed upon the world. Look up Dr. Jeffery Taubenberger, MD, PHD

    1. That was a strain of Bird Flu. The common coronaviruses are sufficient his time, since the Vaxx has destroyed the immunue systems of billions.

      1. I’m so sorry to know this. Such a beautiful country, and people.

        Brother Alexis, I keep forgetting to ask: Have you recovered completely from any injuries you suffered on May 1?

  4. There’s a lot I could say but won’t, due primarily to two gag orders from work on Wall Street, and with another global financial institution. I’ll try to post a link to a video I saw recently that does a good job of explaining everything. What’s your plan Brother B? I hope you don’t intend to go down with the ship there. I’d be dusting off your dual citizenship papers if I were you, at least.

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