2 thoughts on “Dr. Vernon Coleman: The Gates of Hell are now wide open”

  1. Thanks for the daily reminder to head for the hills. Fortunately or not as the case may be my father’s lineage on his father’s side was Jewish. And he was a Mason. His older brother a Shriner. I knew almost nothing about this until recently. My maternal lineage is Catholic, they kept me pretty well protected from knowing anything. In any case, from a very early age my father said he was done with me when I reached legal age of parental responsibility which at that time was 21. I knew he was serious, made sure I could take care of myself. Several times after that I returned home temporarily. Each and every time he made it clear to me I was not welcome. Surely I thought, he must be joking. The comments turned to threats, the threats turned into violence, the violence turned into lawyers, the lawyers turned into paperwork and that’s kind of where it stands. My poor dear mother and me vs my father and his team of Jewish lawyers and bankers, and my brother, a carbon copy of my Masonic father. If we wait around much longer to go into hiding they WILL be coming after us folks. Yes they do want us dead and yes they are very serious about it.

  2. Thank you so much Dr. Vernon and may God bless you. I have subscribed to the various channels, some of which you are banned, throughout this dreadful ‘Plandemic’. You are amazing and I hope to meet you some day to shake your hand. In the meantime I give glory to God for your amazing witness. Keep up the great work!

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