How the Globalists Plan to Enslave everyone in poverty during the Great Dying

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This video gives some sober reflections on what might be about to happen. If it lacks realism it is in this, that the author trusts secular masonic institutions in his community to be the places where to find persons who are not psychotic, immoral or untrustworthy. He obviously is smoking something.  For those who are not Vaxxed, these institutions will be filled with persons ready to denounce you to the authorities as the source of the plague.  He also absurdly thinks that all railway beds are capable of being driven on by an automobile, which shows that he has never left his own city.

No the real way to survive such a cataclysm is to begin now to transfer your wealth out of cash into the only things which always have value even in such a catastrophe: food, guns, gold, transportation which does not depend on finding resources elsewhere, and a place to hide far from political control centers, where the approach can easily be guarded.

Get out of the cities and do not tie yourself down to debt or loans or property which can be easily targeted or taken.

If 2 billion do die from the Vax, you can be sure that Stock Markets will crash and not recover ever or only after you have starved to death. Sell out this summer, everything. Liquidate stocks and bonds in globalist companies, turn your cash into silver, gold, platinum, and food and equipment to keep you alive. Off-road vehicles, horses, etc., anything with an engine which can also burn alcohol or cooking oil, as you must presume that electricity, gas, and gasoline / diesel, will become scarce or unavailable.  Get clothing which can be layered to accommodate the heat of summer of the bitter winter of cold. Get a family sized tent and equipment to survive without heat.

Yes, have a plan, but execute it now. Do not wait for a crisis to hit.

I consider it highly probable that the destruction of the economy and the enslavement of the survivors after the great Vaxx kill off is part of the Satanic plan of the globalists. You will only survive if you take action now. If you are psychologically incapable of doing so, then you will probably be dead within 24 months, regardless of whether you are vaxxed or not. And if you run out of food, you will be given it only on the condition of accepting the Vaxx, that is, death.

A word to the wise!