2 thoughts on “OMC Radio TV: St. Hildegard of Bingen exposes the Antichrist, part III”

  1. In your reading of the saints and Fatima, when will the period of peace that God will grant through the Immaculate Heart of Mary happen? In the version of Our Lady of Salette revelations, She mentions a period of 24 good harvests that will happen after tribulation but before the rise of the antichrist. A short but great age of the Church. Is this Her period of peace? What in your opinion does the consecration of Russia mean in global terms? We know that it will bring the orthodox of Russia into the Catholic Church. And the rest of the orthodox? In scripture Christ mentions that He will intervene otherwise no flesh would be saved. What does this mean?

  2. yes, it will happen before Part One, when the Capet Dynasty returns to France, when France falls into a civil war, then one of King Hugh Of Capet’s great grandson’s will be chosen by God and then comes back to France, conquerors Turkey, only one Turk will be left alive & he will convert, rise through the ranks of the clergy quickly to where he his made Pope, the real Pope after accepting the election results will be killed by this Turkish Cardinal, then he will proclaim himself “Pope” bishops, cardinals, etc will accept him, once the last of the Capet Dynasty ruling dies off from old age, then what is read in Part I, II and III will happen.

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