A Brief Apology to the Readers of FromRome.Info

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I apologize to the regular readers of FromRome.Info, but as the video I did on the Flu Season is garnering more than 8 thousand views a day, the server for FromRome.Info is usually unreachable by myself. And I cannot send out notifications for new articles, lest I incite more traffic which will cause the server to crash.

Until the present situation changes, there is nothing I can do.

To double server capacity would cost $1027. And if you want to help me in that way, make a donation below. — I know that nearly all of you have already helped this month, so I am not asking those who have to for this. But just in case any of the new visitors, who are more than 80,000 by now, appreciate the work of FromRome.Info, here is how you can help –>

THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME REACH THE GOAL. The upgrade should take place in a day or so!

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One thought on “A Brief Apology to the Readers of FromRome.Info”

  1. A suggestion . Set up a free Brighteon account, move some of your videos over there. That may generate more interest in the Church content, and saving souls, which is the goal of this effort anyway.

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