5 thoughts on “The Truth about the Smear against the Catholic Mission Schools in Canada”

  1. There are so many factors to consider, but one I haven’t seen discussed is why they couldn’t have local schools so the children could stay at home. I understand that some families were unable to care for their children but was that kind of situation so widespread as to necessitate taking children into residence?

    I understand that in those days children were thought of as little adults, and were not pampered or idealized like they usually are now, but the original mission schools didn’t take children away from home, did they?

  2. A number of first nations in Canada are devout Catholics and were horrified at these attacks. The CBC (owned by the government) would never tell you. Its all communist group vs group agitprop 24/7. My prayer is that more and more people see through these lies and refuse to be played.

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