Br. Bugnolo: Do these things, or you are dead.

How to survive and thrive in the Great Reset

Here, Brother Bugnolo gives his opinion about how to survive the Great Reset economically and how the plan of the Globalists to destroy the economy and enslave humanity can actually be used by us who oppose them to survive and thrive and take back our nations.

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97 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo: Do these things, or you are dead.”

  1. Before even listening/watching your video, let me guess:
    1) investigate and find/place your contacts abroad in a Christian-safe country (like Hungary, the Czech Republic or Poland)
    2) plan your emigration carefully and in reasonable time!
    Am I wrong? See you! Max

    1. They are pushing the same agenda in Hungary. In fact there the military was ordered to ‘guard’ hospitals and every important factories at the very beginning of this hoax. Plus the majority of Hungarians are placid. ‘If it is even true, that the elite, the leaders conspired against us what we can do, we are small and powerless, we must accept.’ – That’s how they thinking Christians or not. (Most are not so religious anyway, due to it was almost forbidden during the socialist area, as a daughter of a rather high ranked officer there, I couldn’t set foot in a church except as tourist but was true for many).
      I couldn’t see how Hungary could be a safe place. Poland maybe but I know little about Polish people thoughts about the hoax.

      1. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look cool in Poland either. The government also, unfortunately with the church, pushes people to get vaccinated. Unfortunately, because the Church should always push people to pray, fast and repent. Slowly, they introduce a gentle compulsion to vaccinate. I am a Pole whose grandfather survived Auswithz. The only thing that keeps me hoping that the Poles will wake up is that because of the hard times that Poles went through from 1939 through Nazi Hitler and communism until 1989, they somehow know what living in poverty is. I sincerely hope that in Poland these good priests will wake up and begin to pray and call for prayers. We Poles are very stubborn, and when someone tells us that we have to do something, we do everything to do the opposite. So maybe these government pressures will do us good. I hope that all the blood of Poles shed by Germans and Russians from the past, at least a little, will make God pity us. I personally would like these terrible times in Poland, if they will be bad, that they would be at least normal.

      2. My family migrated to Hungary all 4, they are working unvaccinated and it’s a more humane way because Hungarians are very Christian everyone helps. I think the advice of Hungary or Poland is correct. Even under communism I could still go to church, you didn’t get a pay rise but religion was never banned so it’s true Hungary will be a good option

    2. That’s good idea too. Brother Alexis advice is really good. Connected to each one can help bind people stronger and the Holy Spirit abides … Protects and help those faithful to Him.

    1. Au contraire. The Soul dies every time it commits mortal sin. And it only comes to life only in Baptism with Faith and Charity and Hope, and only returns to life by a devout confession of sin, if it does commit mortal sin. So, do not apprise the immortality of the soul in and of itself, because that exists only in Hell. True immortality of the soul is when it lives in God and holds fast to Him. Yet, at the same time, it can lose that grace if it presumes upon God’e Help, and ignors the word’s of God, among which are those: Flee to the mountains. Gen. 19:17, 14:10, Mt 24:16, Mk 13:14, Lk 21:21, Rev. 12:6, see Cornelius a Lapide’s commentary on Matthew here

      1. Couple months ago I saw here in San Diego California where I live but we had the great honor of being the first city in which you can buy a vaccination has bracelet with Digital chip on it ! It won’t be too far down the road but this will be mandatory and not too far further down the road that they will have a digital tattoo they cannot be removed ! It amazes me how many people with high IQs, high-paying jobs, impressive credentials have absolutely no idea what the great Reset even means! One of my clients who is a brain physician said to me Chris you and your wife should really get the vaccination and when it’s permitted you should have your two children ( 5 and 8)get it well. It’s really quite safe and effective ( sounds like a parrot ) and has only caused a few problems in women and only the astra Zeneca. I guess my client is too lazy to look at the VARS website? He certainly isn’t a Bitchute fan! Unbelievable I really don’t think most of humanity has much of a chance unfortunately

  2. I don’t think I’m going to survive this and I’m not sure if I want to either. Sounds too horrific to live through to be honest. The living will envy the dead .

    1. Amen. Either way it works out for me I’ll be fine with it. There are prophecies that talk about 1000 year era of peace after this is over, when everyone goes back to living like animals. Not exactly motivation to keep the game going, for a city girl like me. Took me 20 years to recuperate from not living in a 24 hour doorman building post 911, now this.

      1. The 1000 years is a symbolic reference from Jesus passion, death & resurrection to this time where Satan is let loose for “…a little while.”

  3. Brother,
    Thanks for your anthropological analysis. I’m not an eschatologist, but isn’t there some merit to writings of the Church Fathers concerning the ‘Middle Coming’?
    Here’s an article from Mark Mallett. I don’t know about him, but the quotes that he sites seem germane, no?
    Duc in Altum,

    1. The sabbath rest is Heaven, the concept of a 1000 years of paradise on earth was condemned by the holy office for upon those whom the Spirit rests fully there will be no more taking and giving in marriage, no more new generations.

      1. Brother,

        Forgive me if I misinterpreted your analysis of events, but it seems you are indicating that we are headed toward the Great and Final Chastisement directly preceding Our Lord’s Return at the End of Time.

        Granted, the “1000 years of paradise on earth” is not Catholic, but what of the “Period of Peace” as was foretold by Our Lady of Fatima?

        Lastly, if we are starring down the barrel at the End of Time, why should one be concerned with preparing a place in the countryside?

        Duc in Altum,

      2. I think the 1000 years is better explained from the conversion of Constantine to the persecution of Boniface VIII, during which time the Church enjoy a long period of peace and civil recognition. — But why does Our Lord say to flee? Because He knows that most are too weak to be martyrs, and this is especially true of those who presume to have the strength to withstand the trials, which St. Hildegard of Bingen says shall be prolongue with the purpose of making every Christian apostatize from the faith before death.

      3. But as to your question, why flee, I think you did not even watch the video, or your payed no attention to the problems I listed which will fall upon all who remain in the cities.

      4. Please , transcribe what the Holy Office “condemned”,
        and when was this condemnation.

      5. The error is called Millenarianism (cf. ) and the Catholic Church holds a symbolic milennialism or amillenialism (see diagram at ) but the Holy Office and Pope Pius XII condemed the non-symbolic millendialism, which is known as

        Millenarianism (Chiliasm) *

        [Decree of the Holy Office, July 21, 1944]

        2296 In recent times on several occasions this Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office has been asked what must be thought of the system of mitigated Millenarianism, which teaches, for example, that Christ the Lord before the final judgment, whether or not preceded by the resurrection of the many just, will come visibly to rule over this world. The answer is: The system of mitigated Millenarianism cannot be taught safely.

        And the reason for this is that to teach that Christ will reign in His sacred Humanity, apart from the Sacramental System, means that there would be no more faith and merit of heaven, and that would gravely destroy the entire system of Salvation which He taught is necessary.

      6. Brother, I could not reply in the same place to your answer to my request asking to transcribe the condemnation.

        There is no doubt about the condemnation of the Chilliasm which is a kind of Millenarianism, only a kind , known as in Spanish as “carnal” o “judaisante “

        But you also add part of the decree :

        “The system of mitigated Millenarianism cannot be taught safely.”

        That is not a condemnation, says only cannot be taught “safely”.

        It is impossible to condemn the spiritual Millenarianism, which is not the mitigated , and was taught by the ancient apostolic fathers of the Church as St Ireneo, and others , who received “traditional apostolic teachings”, which authority is above later teológical traditions.

        This teaching was mostly abandoned in the IV century , by St Jeronimus , who influenced Saint Agustin, in his later writings.
        In the first ones being a bishop , Saint Agustin sustained the Millenarism not the chiliasm , of course.

        Saint Jeronimus did this , because of the danger of the bishop Apolinario teachings and others regarding the “chiliasm”.

        Both, Saint Jeronimus , and Saint Agustin , sustaining the new alegoric teachings, and explicitly did not condemned the previous Apostolic teachings.
        They disagreed but did not condemned , it was impossible to do that.
        Something similar occurred in 1944, when the Holy See was requested to clarify.

        Of course , The Holy See knew all of this , and the 1944 is something totally different to a condemnation.

        That decree which does not exclude two resurrections, says “cannot be taught safely “.

        Of course , because the chiliasm IS HERESY and is a danger, but Saint Ireneo and others were not.

        I know there are not further merits in heaven, as Saint Ireneo, and others who sustained the spiritual Milenarism which is same thing completely different .

      7. The word condemnation can refer to anything which is expressly not approved of. It does not mean that it is forbidden for more grave reasons. If you consider that the salvation of souls is the most important thing, then when you read, “cannot be taught safely” you see that is the worst of all condemnations of an doctrine which cannot be explained in a way which does not gravely damage or endager the salvation of souls.

  4. Not for publication!

    Personal to Br. Bugnolo: I need to contact you and ask if you know anything – or can send me info about someone who know – about a Catholic organization in USA’s involvement in human trafficking that is occurring at our border. Use my email and send me a message.

      1. Dear Brother Bugnolo
        I was very fortunate to chance finding From Rome and the dire warnings that you tell. I am not a Catholic but I am a Christian in belief.

        I hope that we are not too late, but I do feel that time is running out. I had no idea that Pope Benedict was being held prisoner. I have heard such bad stories about clergy. This really puts a new realisation on what is going on.

        I live in England, it is very much looking like the Anti-Christ may already be present. Every day passes but things remain static but the undercurrent is malice and you are correct worse is to come. God creator have mercy on our souls.

  5. No material hope for anyone who is the lone Catholic in his family, on govt disability, living alone in a govt subsidized apartment, in a city in a country where gun ownership is all but illegal, and whose hands are barely able to stir a bowl of bread dough, let alone handle a gun or weapon.

    But unless I’m mistaken, since self-defense is a God given right, it would not be unlawful for anyone to own an ‘illegal’ weapon.

    Someone like this might last a few weeks longer if he starts barricading his door, to slow down any intruders.

    1. You are one of few who gets “arms” authorization explained the right way, especially considering there are many misguided individuals in the U.S.A. who say that the Second Amendment authorizes one to keep and bear “arms”.
      The Second Amendment specifically impresses the fact that no one should infringe on a person’s God-given right to keep and bear “arms” – of any kind.

    2. I hope you pray your rosary every day as Our Lady of Fatima asked of us! Perhaps with the loss of material hope we can have supernatural hope! Trust our Lord and Lady, pray for poor sinners! Stay in the state of Grace! You are not forgotten or left behind, Our Lady keeps you close to her beneath her mantle! God bless!

    3. It’s interesting to note the two topics of discussion that you cannot really discuss without being censored anywhere in the world and then labeled either Homo phobic or an antisemite neo Nazi or homosexuality/transgender And Israel/Judaism I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the world has been being prepared to except these two things for the orthodox church has been teaching for 2000 years that the antichrist will come out of Israel and be a Jew and will also be a homosexual. The world is being prepared to except the antichrist

  6. I am in Canada. 16th generation. I have been expecting the frenzy here for a long time. Much worse is coming. Most people who live here now are in cities and their families came after electricity and plumbing. I am a young gen-xer. Both my parents had no electricity and no indoor plumbing growing up. I know from my family history what winter brings: death. My Dad (youngest born in ’41) had 14 siblings; 5 made it to adulthood. Siberia might be a harsher place to live. Might. People in cold weather areas need a stand of trees, a sharp axe, and a woodburning stove. Historically, gold was not so important in the northern areas, although I have some, and I promised God to give every atom of it to the Church to create beautiful things to worship him with if I live through what is coming. Seed saving and food preservation techniques are also important. Please pray for me, my husband, and my children, Br. Bugnolo.

  7. The best thing anyone can do, no matter his material security, is perfect the habit of constantly examining his conscience, and doing more perfect penance.

    One thing that helps me is the knowledge that, in the right circumstance, I’m capable of committing every imaginable sin. I think it’s very dangerous for anyone to think ‘I’d never do this or that.’ The situation we’re about to see, if we live to see it, will bring out either the worst in a man, or the best. No one will stay the same as they are today.

    I’m not sure about the following but it makes sense to me: Consider all distractions and idle daydreams as warnings of a weakness that could, under certain circumstances, lead to mortal sin.

    This is a good examination of conscience for adults.

  8. Another reason to flee is to preserve the Catholic faith for the future generations.

  9. Thank you Brother for the excellent video which is most helpful. I am very grateful for your guidance and caring about us.

  10. Br. Bugnolo ,
    I certainly appreciate your frankness & exposing the reality of what we are facing. Do you have any thoughts or insights on the 3 days of darkness & where the theory on the rapture comes from ? Thank you for enlightening us with your wisdom.

    1. Bl. Anna Maria Taigi is the only reputable source on this. And what it refers to, I cannot say personally. But St. Hildegard von Bingen says the Lord will punish the world, in the days of the AntiChrist, with the imact of a huge comet, which will cause the seas to inundate the land. Such an event will also darken the day for some time, from all the dust. And Melanie relates that Our Lady says the Moon, in the time of the Antichrist will not give its light but will be turned red. Something that would also happen on account of dust in Lunar or Earth Orbit. In any case, in such a time, do stay inside, and protect your homes by enthroning and image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who promised particular protection upon Christians homes who do this.

      1. I appreciate the answer & will search for Bl. Anna Marie Tiagis prophecy. I have read about having the blessed candles which will be the only light available during the 3 days. Thanks again Brother Bugnolo for all your warnings.

  11. Brother Alexis, would you please give us another moral theology lesson, this time on the passion of sadness?

    Of course we all know very well that Our Lord wept, and Our Lady has appeared in tears, so we know it’s not a sin or even a weakness as long as it’s for the right reason.

    Would you explain how it can become a vice or a sin, and what early warning signs we might look out for? We all probably know the basics, for example, that dwelling on past injuries done to us or others, about which we can do nothing anymore except pray, is useless and a vice when we do nothing to overcome the habit. What about any less obvious danger signs?

    Thank you, and may God bless you.

  12. God allows bad things to happen to bring in the greater good. Our Lady said: In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph and there will be peace in the world. So when does this happen because in this scenario only the rich with guns can survive. It doesn’t paint a rosy picture for mankind before the Judgement of the Lord comes upon us.

    1. Our Lady said that if Russia was not consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart various nations would be annihilated. The word, annihilated, is equivalent to genocided. She only promised salvation from the errors of Russia (freemasonry) if Russia were consecrated. Therefore, She is not allowed by God to save everyone under all circumstances. If you are poor, find a wealthy Catholic who is refusing the Great Reset and work for them. Alas, many will not survive this tribulation. In that case, prepare for a holy death, but do not submit. Ask for the grace not to apostatize for a piece of bread. That is a great grace. Otherwise, find friends who like yourself cannot afford to flee but who together can flee, and flee with them. Yes, the Immaculate Heart will triumph, but the tribulation beforehand will be tremendous, and it is against that tribulation, I have made this video to warn you, what you can do, on the physical level. I have for 30 years told everyone what to do on the spiritual.

  13. I am dead then , a 75year old woman living on a suburban block, whose husband doesn’t believe, and children don’t either. They wear the mask and sign in with the QR code, they say I am uncharitable. Well I am a soldier of Christ and I believe that my God will put Angels at my door , I have gates that wouldn’t keep flys out.
    I have asked Jesus to let me live until the end to persevere and to see The New Heaven and Earth. May His Will be done, as no one knows the time frame ahead. I look at the age of Pope Benedict XV1 and Bergoglio and know they haven’t much time left, I look forward to seeing Bergoglio and his good friend The Antichrist making his appearance . An horror movie that we are part of . Born for this , I want to see and be here for the finish and see The Immaculate Heart of Mary Triumph coinciding with The Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ, when all nations, people and churches will praise Him as The King of Kings.

    1. Don’t misunderstand me. Obviously the most important this is to keep the faith and never deny Jesus. Some of us are called to martyrdom. Some have an opportutnity and ability to flee. Those who do not, pray like everything depended upon your prayers. It may also help to network with Catholics who are fleeing, who see the merit in taking in other Catholics who cannot flee on their own. I highly recommend forming such groups in your city and working on a plan of flight together. Alas, some of us may have to chose to abandon those whom we love, who no longer love us.

    2. Feast of M. P. Blood
      Feast of Junipero Serra
      Feast of San Justino Orona Madrigal
      1 July, A. D. 2021

      Amen good woman! It’s Francis or Fatima!

      Christ or AntiChrist.

      Pope Benedict or Antipope “Francis” clerical coven of the Homosexual Network Strangling the Church!

      Cristo Rey or TyrannoSoros!

      Viva Cristo Rey!

    1. Provo ogni tal volta di fare un video in Italiano, ma non mi ritengo tanto capace di farlo bene. In fatti tanti Italiani mi dicono che è stancante sentirmi poiché faccio troppo errori e la mia pronuncia non va. Ma per sentirmi in Italiano, venga alla piazza S. Maria Maggiore alla messanotte! :-))

  14. Brother,

    Your videos have shaken my bones. I’ve been feeling like the holy spirit has been telling me all winter your message and by chance I stumble on your videos this week. And I am stirred. Thank you.

    I ask that you please pray for me to be able to liquidate and do everything in Gods time and will.

    I pray God bless you and your endeavors. I’ve recently been inspired to begin asking the martyrs who died during the communist genocides in Russia et al. To pray for us. We need to ask for their intercessions. Please spread this message as well.

    “Flee the cities into the mountains” that exact statement is what shook me. I don’t know where to run, but I only know what the next step is required before me. Pray God give me the eyes to see and ears to hear and discernment to see the next steps. Thank you.

    1. @David r.
      It would appear that the Holy Spirit has confirmed your inner stirrings. Praise Him that you understand the extremely dire situation we are in and are willing to prepare accordingly (and pronto) — even though, as you say, you need the necessary discernment to proceed to the next step, of which I will pray for, for you.

      No one in my household will take any of this seriously enough (I’m the “conspiracy nut”), and so I live in a constant panic-stricken state that when all hell breaks loose, we will not fare well at all. They’ll believe me when it’s too late.
      I ask for your prayers as well, and I like your recent inspiration to ask for the intercession of the holy martyrs.
      God bless you.

      1. Yes, Charmaine, I too find myself alone in seeing the gravity of our situation and the need to take steps to protect ourselves and our loved ones. What to do? Above all, I must trust the Lord utterly and live uprightly, close to the SacrAments, etc. God knows all about each of our situations.

      2. @Charmaine
        thank you, I will pray for you as well. My work background is in healthcare (respiratory therapist), in particular I worked for a large university hospital that used this MRNA tech for cancer patients.

        I have no doubt that if this vaccine doesn’t cause mass death there will be some very catastrophic problems in the future. And all of a sudden everybody has forgotten, especially as the summer goes by.

        God have mercy on us. I pray God give me wisdom in all this.

      3. Charmaine & David:

        Your posts express exactly what I have been thinking & feeling (so thankful The Holy Spirit somehow allowed me access to wonderful Br Alexis’ writing/videos), and experiencing with family members since March of 2020. I will keep you in my prayers. Please pray for me as the stress, resulting from sadness that all of my children have accepted the vax and fear of what is to come, is now seriously affecting my health.

        Br Alexis:
        If you are forced to stop communicating, how will we contact you or learn where the Catholic settlement is that you spoke of in a different video?

        Thank you, and May God bless and save us.

      4. Teddi – I’m so sorry for the enormous amount of grief and stress you are having to endure. Such news is truly a heavy cross to bear. May Our Lady of Sorrows & Miraculous Infant Jesus console you in your sadness. Please be assured that I will be praying for you, and I appreciate your prayers for me as well.

        David & Ted – I’ve been remembering you in my daily Rosary. It’s a comfort to know that we aren’t as alone as we may feel.

        St. Michael, defend us in battle.

  15. Hello Br. Bugnolo,

    I appreciate your time and effort in assisting all of us.
    I am having trouble figuring out at what point the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Era of Peace will arrive?
    Thank you and God bless you.

      1. So the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will come after much tribulation – when all seems lost – and then peace for ~24 good annual harvests, quoting a prophecy read in one of your three St Hildegard von Bingen videos, I believe.

        Pope Benedict XVI is 94 and frail.

        I cannot recall whose prophecy, and if approved or not, but I recall mention of some chosen remnant faithful being led to shelters.

        Is that proximately preceding the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, or Jesus’ return?

      2. I do not know. I do know that at La Salette, Our Lady told Melanie that Our Lord will cause His enemies to drop dead. And I think that refers to some common virus which will kill all the vaxxed, but the really evils ones did not take the Vaxx, and when the politics of the world change radically post Genocide Event, we need to make sure all of them are rounded up and brought to a Nuremburg 2.0 and get justice.

        I do believe that Bergoglio will die before this, and that Benedict will be restored. But I think after that the CIA will mobilize its paid terrorists who will attempt to kill everyone in the Vatican and will succeed in killing Pope Benedict, unless a special grace of God intervenes to save him. And I think he knows this.

  16. Thank you Brother Bugnolo, for these life changing videos. I learned about this evil design a few years back, and the plan I am implementing now is the following. I would welcome your opinion on it: I left the “West” to settle on an island in Asia, an island blessed with abundant natural resources like water springs, fruit trees, fish, poultry and the likes. It’s an island in a country where people are naturally soft and simple, criminality is very low and where people giving freely to one another in solidarity very common. It’s part of a rather dictatorial country, though, but due to being a small island, it doesn’t get too much attention. Because of the political regime, the injection roll-out is taking place, so many nationals and foreigners took it. They will die with the consequences you mentioned, alas. Now back to me: I now intend to take all my digital money from the European Pension fund where it is, convert it into small gold bullions, silver, and paper cash from this country where I am now (not the greatest as inflation is strong, but might still be worth something for a couple of years). I am wondering, though, if a safer plan might not be to purchase a sailboat and perfectionize my sailing ability in order to be able to flee swiftly if serious issues arise, such as door-to-door forced vaccination or arrests of unvaccinated people. There are many uninhabited islands with an abundance of fruits and fish to live off in the area, and few people will be fleeing that way, so I don’t think they will chase us, especially if we react promptly as I usually do. Laying low on these remoted islands might be the best way to spend those coming few years far from the mass murdering. What do you think of that? PS: I have experience in survivalism and island living in the Pacific and South East Asia. Grazie Mille Fratello, you are a life saver.

    1. I am of the opinion, that if you have the skills, living on a Island is the best place, if it can support you with food and water, and you know how to fish and sail. I would strongly counsel getting a boat if you live in Indonesia or the Philippines, because if civil disorder breaks out, the peoples can become very desperate. But having a boat, means you need to defend against pirates too. If you are married or have strong men in your family take them aboard, for sure. Converting your cash to ingots will be the best thing, because that way you can trade in any port, and the Asian peoples universally respect gold and silver. Stay away from palladium, as they might not accept it everywhere. But definitely cash out of any EU based pension funds. I do not think pension funds will survive in the next 4 years.

      1. Dear Brother Bugnolo, thank you SO much for answering me. So, thankfully, the country where I am now doesn’t have pirates, though that can change with desperation and lawlessness. I am leaning more and more towards learning to sail and getting indeed a good and affordable sailboat who is for sale in the Pacific area, and conveying it back here where I will be on my watch, and can therefore hit the sea when things turn sour. Quite an adventure as I will have to sail it all the way to here, but the best plan indeed, and overall a great investment as it is a very good boat. I will find an experienced voluntary crew to sail it with me for the 2 months of the journey. I should get back here just before November. Here indeed, there is an abundance of fruits, coconuts, fish etc that will allow me to be ok food-wise. I should learn to shoot and get a weapon, though, as I am not married and for now without any like-minded male around me, but maybe that will change, or with other sister ships we can watch each other’s back and sail together when needed. I like the boat idea too because it allows to go anywhere in the world, which might come handy at some point. For the rest, indeed gold and silver in small ingots and just a bit of money left on European bank accounts to be taken out hopefully just before the system collapses. Many people on my island took the shot (compliant asian mentality and pushed into doing it) so it won’t be pretty soon. Except of course if saline solution was given. But I know some people who were sick after getting it, so it seems that it is the graphene oxyde. May G-d have mercy on us all. Thank you again.

      2. Dear Brother Bugnolo, so, talking with other sailors, I think we would opt to take shelter for the few years of darkness on a Pacific island and not stay in populated Asia where governments are authoritarian and strong. Pacific islands have an abundance of food, and some are even inhabited, which would solve the problem of security, esp if we are a few boats living there together, creating a small community. Food-wise we could rely on fruits, roots, and fish, basically the (healthy) diet of islanders there since millenia. With the satellite phones etc, we would be able to follow from afar what is happening elsewhere, and survive this madness. The only issue would be the lack of ability to professionally maintain our boats (things always break on a boat), but that can be mitigated, esp if one purchases a sturdy rather than fancy (as I intend to do), boat. Brainstorming ongoing, but yes, I think that might be the safest, most ideal plan. We would have gold and silver (maybe even buried on the island, a natural “bank”) for after the storm and to keep our assets in some form, but no cash, I guess, or little (and only USD then) as it wouldn’t be of use over there. As you said: a different kind of economy.

      3. All boats that went to see for a long while bore in their holds all the wood and tools to repair them. If you undertake such a project, you need to bring along some books on woodworking and repair, but I strong suggest you ditch your cellphones and gps which can and will be used to track you.

    1. Read the Index to Pope Benedict XVI’s Renuciation to understand why what you call the Vatican is occupied territory by Globalists not the Apostolic See, which remains with Benedict, under guard.

  17. Br. Bugnolo,
    I agree with you in this video, just have a question, you said the worst would come to the West that is the US and European nations. Where millions or billions could die. How about the Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka what about these countries? Are these countries a lot safer than the Western countries most of them are under Chinese influence and in debt to the Chinese. So would these countries be the safest place for the Westerners / Europeans to emigrate to?
    Currently, vaccination is happening in most of these countries at a rate.
    Appreciate your response on this.

    1. I cannot say other that what Klaus Schwab says, reduce the world to 1 billion, leaving 500 million Chinese and Japanese….that means all the others have to be reduced by 90%…

      1. ”Schwab said 500 million Chinese and Japanese”. Well, Korea is that little peninsula between the two. What do you think is going to happen there?

      2. Klaus the cook thinks he can chose who can live and who can die, and he is in for a big suprise, when the people at Nuremburg. 2.0 put him on trial.

  18. Dear Brother, how do you interpret Mary’s words here:
    “This will be, then, the happy beginning of the complete restoration.” –Our Lady of Good Success on Feb 2, 1634
    –How does all this fit in with the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart?
    –Is her triumph a purely spiritual one in the midst of unrelenting worldly peril?

    1. The complete restoration is the Triumph, and it will begin with the Consecration of Russia.

  19. Dear Brother Alexis,
    If we do flee, what about sacraments?
    They are somewhat limited in rural ares like in Michigan. Some areas have maybe one Mass per week, and Novus Order only. There is SSPX in Michigan, they have a few satellite mission churches. They do have a main church where they have daily Masses but it is on the north edge of metro Detroit. I mean there are a lot of places to flee to but many will be quite a distance from sacraments, especially if we end up back on horses or on foot. Any suggestions? Thnx and God Bless

  20. This is their endtimes not ours. As for the vaccine do not take it. For those who do, well you’ll be back.

  21. Dear Br. Bugnolo,

    I have been studying this “fake” pandemic since it’s very beginning and just couldn’t put my finger on the situation. I am an engineer from Milano and by the grace of God it came to me after months of research that we are witnessing the end oif & fossil fuels which I believe is the main driver for klaus schwabs great reset. after all of my research I now copmpletely agree with your theory as I beleive already by 2022/2023 we would start to see very serious issues regarding the food supply!

    I firmly beleive that they will let all of these crises culminate all at the same time, end of food, end of petrol, end of energy. Therefore the elites ae looking to eliminate 90% of the worlds population. Therefore they are masking the end of fossil fules wilth Covid and calling for the total end of fossil fuels with the fake climate change. as we have seen in germany the catastrophe is due to weak sun events! We are in effect headed into a mini cold period.

    Do you agree that one of the main reasoins they are faking a opandemic is to hide the end of fossil fuels??by which in 2023 they would surely have to enact severe restriction on use of cars ??

    Thank you

    1. I think they are going to use every, EVERY, weapon possible against us. To kill us all. Yes.

  22. Dear Br. Bugnolo,

    Do you suggest selling our homes now, and then flee to the mountains? We have food storage which we’d have to take with us. I’m trying to discern. We live in America.

    God Bless

    1. This level of decision making is your own responsibility. I cannot give general counsel about your specific case, as it has to do with whether you can sell, have enough equity, can find another home or rental. Obviously if you are planing to move, stock up on food after you arrive, not before you leave since in the USA moving companies are notorious for robbing you.

  23. I’m disabled on a fixed income, so buying precious metals or bitcoin is out of the question. I also believe that pouring your money into these things is foolish. When there’s no food left, you can’t eat a gold bar, nor can you buy food if there isn’t any to be had. Instead, every time I shop for groceries I add extra long shelf life foods such as canned or dry goods. Each month I include a few survival items in my budget, such as a camp stove, water filtering kit or tarps. I’m basically trapped in a city apartment in a highrise so my options are limited.

    Food is not the only thing which will be scarce. There will be no power or water when the oligarchs either shut it off/ration it, or when there are no workers to keep it running. Put your money into tangible items which are destined to become scarce and/or which you will need when shortages begin:
    – Non-gmo seeds. Anyone can grow food plants in their home. Seeds are already starting to get scarce. Buy as many as you can. Don’t forget equipment to plant and grow the seeds.
    – Water. Store it in food grade containers, add a couple of drops of bleach to keep it fresh longer.
    – Water purification equipment. You may need to get water from a natural source like rainwater if the municipal water supply is cut off
    – Baby wipes. Useful for personal hygiene when your water is shut off.
    – Tarps. They can provide shelter or can be used to collect rainwater.
    – Canned goods, particularly fish and meat. Not only will they feed you, but they can be used for bartering. I predict a can of tuna or ham could become more valuable than gold because the oligarchs plan to end meat consumption for the slave classes. Make sure you have at least two manual can openers, in case one breaks.
    – Other dried/long shelf life foodstuffs such as pasta, rice, beans, etc.
    – A camp cooker with an ample supply of fuel. I have one that burns wood, paper, leaves etc. These are good for cooking or providing heat.
    – Warm, dry clothing, stored in plastic to keep it dry. Your heat could be shut off, or there could be a natural disaster. Don’t forget comfortable waterproof walking/hiking shoes.
    – A “bug out bag” to allow you to flee your home on short notice. Survival websites have lists of what to include.
    – Weapons. The video talks about guns but not everyone has access to those. You will probably need to defend your stash from those who didn’t prepare. I have striking weapons hidden in several locations in my apartment, in places where I can reach them easily – golf clubs, canes, a hammer, even a buggy whip. A slingshot is a good substitute for a gun. Also, get a security bar to barricade your door.

    1. If you think gold cannot buy you what you need even in a crisis, you do not understand human nature, but you other advice is good.

    2. I would like to add to this list cigarette lighters and lighter gas cans are very good barter items.
      many people are unable to start a fire by their own hands, matches can get wet and become useless.

  24. I’m a bit delayed commenting here, but I’d like to offer a couple of thoughts:
    1. To EricofManchester (and any others) who might inquire about Mark Mallett. Stay AWAY from Mark Mallett. He has always had a (suspiciously) sleek and fancy website, and last I saw he supports and accepts and DEFENDS the Bergoglian “papacy” — and this should say it all. Years ago (can’t vouch for now because I dropped him like a hot potato) Mallett promoted the alleged “Rome prophecy” related by the huge fraud named Ralph Martin (of EWTN fame). Martin said the “prophecy” occurred in Rome from some anonymous “seer” in the early 1970s. This is the same Ralph Martin who BRAGS about being trained in the bogus “charismatic” movement under (known freemason) Cardinal Suenens. (Of course, Martin doesn’t tell anybody that his touted mentor was a freemason.) I wrote to M. Mallett when I innocently thought he would stop promoting the “Rome prophecy” and/or Martin after learning that Ralph’s “Catholic charismatic training” was freemasonic — and that the entire “charismatic” movement (fully embraced by Martin) was a freemasonic subversion initiative to undermine genuine Catholic spirituality.
    Mallett didn’t even have the courtesy to respond to me, but I did notice that he proceeded to post more information in support of Martin. Hmmmmm. It is not hard to suspect that M. Mallett may have been or is some sort of controlled opposition — as are so many well-followed, but often self-promoting “Catholic” names today.
    2. For your consideration: It seems to me that fleeing to islands is risky because we know there will be cataclysmic earth changes (most likely including a pole shift and asteroid impact/hits) such that the oceans of the world are going rise up into terrifying deluges that will submerge much. (Hollywood movies tell us this future of ours, too.) Small islands will be particularly vulnerable as will the coastlines of many countries.
    If you have not yet done so, do an internet search of “US Navy Map” and see the future US map — because the US government and military know that the US coastlines will disappear after a cataclysmic event in our not too distant future. Famed French mystic and saintly priest Fr. Pel spoke about much of southern France being submerged under water when the oceans come alive (= sinful Marseilles and the French Riviera disappearing). I recollect for the US that the advice is to be about 150 miles INLAND from ANY US coastline. New York City, land of the Rockefellers and all manner of vice, is toast.
    Klaus Schwab /(World Economic Forum) have already told us we “will own nothing.” I don’t see how anyone (especially God’s faithful little remnant) can survive what is coming without direct and special divine intervention/protection. And God can do that anywhere. Nevertheless, the more faithful and God-fearing hamlets, towns, counties and countries should be “safer” and escape with less lashes of chastisement. But right now even Brittany (promised as a safe place) is part of the France becoming ever more frighteningly totalitarian and vax-obsessed.

    So, yes, get more rural if we can — and hopefully near a real Catholic Mass. Yes, have a support network. Yes, prep. Yes, pray as we never have before. But other than that, not sure if we can really know WHERE specifically will be “safer” — other than what was just stated about being inland and in an at least hopefully God-fearing locality — and to invoke and follow the promptings of Divine Providence in our lives.

    God and Our Lady are going to have to perform some major miracles to preserve the Church’s remnant. I think our first job is to make sure we are fervently pursuing holiness, “living good lives” (as taught at Garabandal), and offering our “daily duty” as a constant prayer (as taught at Fatima). Then, we should take reasonable and prudent action based on the “signs of the times” , authentic Catholic prophecy, and what lies within our means to do. “Fear not, little flock… Seek first the kingdom of God, and all else will be given…”

  25. These are warning signs from God. They were prophesied in the Bible to clue the Christians of the world to take a different road when all the signs of the apocalypse become present. So there just might be a possibility for this cup too pass from us. There are too many of us that are becoming aware of the dangers through forums such as these and will make a stand. When you jump off a cliff you know the outcome if the cliff is tall enough to achieve maximum killing velocity. God has posted his rather large waning signs to help us, to save us, from going over the cliff to our doom. All things that were hidden are now being revealed and I do pray that common sense will prevail. Those of us who lack common sense have already jumped over the cliff by taking most of the available vaccines that have the mRNA with the exception of one, the J&J vaccine. I personally have heeded the warnings that God posted for me and am ready to join forces with my Christian brothers and those who will be coming to us, who were sceptics, who have finally seen the light. For the light is shining brighter every day exposing the evil that has been hidden for far too long.

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