Stachnio interviews Br. Bugnolo: Once Russia converts to the Catholic Faith the Great Reset will implode

This spring Konrad Stachnio interviewed Br. Bugnolo about the Great Reset and the challenges this presents for humanity. The interview was casual as it was intended to prepare for a book, but Konrad has decided that it is just too important to keep hidden. Brother red pills the audience with the shocking truths that everyone on Earth and especiall in Europe need to know about Freemasonry, the USA and the role God has chosen for Russia in the salvation of humanity.

This video is also available on Rumble.

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5 thoughts on “Stachnio interviews Br. Bugnolo: Once Russia converts to the Catholic Faith the Great Reset will implode”

  1. Kind of a fun interview, like spending an hour and a half in a coffee shop in Rome with Br. B. I watched about 35 minutes last night, plan to do the rest in two more installments; it gives me something to look forward to in my otherwise nonexistent social life. Highly recommend it for anyone feeling shut in.

  2. Dear Br. Alexis Bugnolo,

    Many thanks for posting this enjoyable interview !

    May God bless you and Our Lady protect you always,
    Sincerely yours in the Passion of the Church,

  3. Br. Bugnolo, What a great interview! I learned a lot and would like to see more videos from you. I would like to hear your analysis of why Donald Trump keeps pushing the deathvax. Is he a Freemason who appeared to be helping America but really was fighting another branch of the globalists for control? Many of his most ardent supporters are obvious Freemasons.

    1. Sandra, I too would like to see discussion of this topic. Last night I did an ancestry search of Donald Trump’s bloodline on his father’s side. The internet goes back to early 1600s Germany. Almost identical to my own father’s bloodline. The last name was changed many times, as was my father’s, but clearly the original name was Jewish. It’s quite common to try to hide this information for business reasons. A lot of what’s happening makes sense if his bloodline is Jewish. New York City, where I lived and worked for 25 years, is basically controlled by this hidden network.

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