Vaxx causes new Holocaust in the United Kingdom, more than 1 Million Injured

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8 thoughts on “Vaxx causes new Holocaust in the United Kingdom, more than 1 Million Injured”

  1. As Dr. Larry P. said recently, let us all try to use the proper terminology, it is not a ‘Vaxx’, people are being shot to death.

    1. Here at FromRome.Info “vaccine” is the term for a vaccine, and “Vaxx” is the term for an experimental injection designed to kill and sterilize you to achieve the objectives of the 4th industrial revolution.

      1. Forgot the mob was watching, thanks. Getting rather outspoken in my old age; I found out this week the state of Florida considers me to be “elderly”, for purposes of public handouts. Hey, if it buys me a few more years to get to my refuge I’ll take any label they want to stick on me. I heard they’re even changing the definition of vaxx in the dictionary! I can’t take any of this seriously any more. We’re dealing with a bunch of demons.

  2. I hate to tell you Joan but it seems there are many considering Florida a refuge. At least you won’t be alone.
    What is somewhat surprising (if anything can surprise anymore) is that while we understand the government is no longer our friend of sorts, what did they threaten the doctors with, to achieve such compliance and silence. It seems like worldwide demonic influence. Satan is having his day.

    1. Don’t go to Florida, and if you are there get out. The governor signed a law which permits forcible vaccination of the unwilling if the public good demands it. And you know what that means.

      1. Editor, I had a swat team in my living room June 26 2020, know all about it. Later.

    2. Evangeline, would love to chat with you but I’m rather busy getting ready for the latest hurricane, here in ‘safe haven’ heaven….til later.

      1. Don’t let any of these vax squads in your home. Ask them if they have a court order. If they don’t, tell them to piss off. Excuse the language.

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