Breaking — Bergoglio to undergo intestinal surgery

Even Bergoglians are talking about it:

More on the malady, which he suffers from. In layman’s terms, it is an inflamed bowel, causing constipation.

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11 thoughts on “Breaking — Bergoglio to undergo intestinal surgery”

  1. Anytime a corrupt one is in the news of something medical to happen makes you wonder….”is this the way they will take him out?”

  2. Both Popes reportedly got jabbed in January, Pfizer, and again in February. Then Pope Francis criticized refusing the shots. I think he even made it mandatory for the Vatican, don’t quote me on that. What does that have to do with this? I’m sure ‘they’ will be telling us what we’re ‘supposed to say’ about this too.

    1. When the Vatican says anything, it can be doubted. Still the true Pope has God’s protection, and as Melanie explained, we are in the eclipse of the Church, when Catholics won’t know which is the true pope. But every eclipse ends with the Sun remaining. So Bergoglio’s end has been predetermined by Our Lady. I think, personally, that Bergoglio will soon be dead, and the Catholic world will utter a collective, “At last!”

      1. I’m not as sanguine. All depends on the Garabandal prophecies. We’ll find out soon enough if they come to pass. The jury is out til then.

  3. To resort to surgery instead of antibiotics at that antipope’s age means it is extremely serious.

    1. If it’s that serious, they have to use general anesthesia, it should settle the dementia debate rather quickly, cognitive decline may accelerate.

  4. I wish him well, as for any patient. Duverticulitis can be tough. There are many levels. My godmother once said that pain can be terrible, and that it was worse than giving birth pain. My father has been in a strict diet fore more than 40 years, due to this illness, but hasn’t required surgery. He was diagnosed the day after St. G. Bosco’s feast, and up to this day, we believe he didn’t die because of his intercession (a miracle). My grandmother had it, but mild.

  5. Heart related if 10 doctors worked on him for emergency surgery. Colon surgery needs time, fast from food and 10 doctors are not needed. This means it was also the heart which could be linked to the vaccine?

    1. 10 doctors, on a Sunday? No doctor in this neck of the woods schedules anything on a Sunday. You’re lucky to even get one on the phone for a consultation with another doctor from the emergency room. Right.

      1. His surgery was on Monday. And Gemeelli considers him head of state, so special privileges.

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