Remember the Blood of Jesus Christ, not the Declaration of Independence!

Br. Bugnolo’s message to all the Christians in the United States on this Fourth of July, 2021 A. D..

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2 thoughts on “Remember the Blood of Jesus Christ, not the Declaration of Independence!”

  1. Brother this video really resonated truth. What a motivational & inspirational few minutes. Thank you for caring & speaking boldly.

  2. Happy Fourth Brother! Inspiring words, we are in some trouble here. I see, usually men, talking about our disturbing situation, and what to do about it. Many times they fail to mention Christ, and I remind all that without Christ, there will be no improvement for America and definitely no victories. With God all things are possible, amen. Our beautiful and unique nation is embattled, from within now, which is unprecedented. We must defend our nation and her founding, which is being insulted and trampled. We can worship God and announce our need for Him, and honor our founding and founding documents, because without them, we would be like any other conquered nation, and if we do not remember and teach that appreciation, we will not last long under Communism, which has our nation by the throat. God is our head, but the God-given wisdom provided to our founders and enshrined in our founding documents give us the nation we have enjoyed for over 200 years.

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