2 thoughts on “Vaxx Narrative collapsing rapidly in USA”

  1. Anyone with half a brain can see that something is very wrong with this so called pandemic. It’s the same corrupt government people with self interests, that have shares in big Pharma, and the same lobbying and sponsoring from big Pharma into colleges and universities and institutes around the globe. This time around, it has just reached a level of weirdness and creepiness that most of us could never imagine would be happening. Even non religious people start to see that this is something very disturbing going on. Just look at how they stepped up everything and started to implement more draconian measures and control over the individual. If you can’t see that something is very wrong, and don’t believe that corruption and self interests is controlling this scamdemic, you really and truly are a very special kind of stupid. I am not even a catholic or a practising christian, but I can feel something is very dark about this. It’s unreal and scary. I pray to God now and I ask for forgiveness for my sins regardless of their size, and I feel that this time around we will win. I hope we will next time, but they now know that we are fighting back, and we have evidence and refuse to believe the lies. We must stop these depraved devil worshipping murderers, all these disgusting and hedonistic scum, these repulsive reptile looking pedophiles, and child molesters, from EVER AGAIN, BEING ABLE TO PULL THIS OFF. They really need to be exterminated. We need to do something on every level in society, and set up traps for these evil people. We can really do a lot more than we think. Enough is enough!

    1. Thank you so well written and so true .. .. I would like to forward your comments if allowed

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