3 thoughts on “Video: Doggie chip scanner detects who has been Vaxxed”

  1. So, she’s smiling and giggling? I imagine many will say “oh, goody, just like my dog!”

    Mind control, desensitized. 25 percent of U.S. population has tattoos. For years I suspected that the excessive tattoo craze was getting people prepared for accepting this! I’d like to know the percentage of vaxxed-n-chipped who also were previously tattooed.

    What else is acceptable to modern women? They get a long-lasting birth control rod implant – in the upper arm – that lasts up to 4 years. Created for and tested in the 3rd-World. It’s called Nexplanon. It causes all kinds of health problems and the removal must be done by a surgeon, something not disclosed at insertion. You can get pregnant but risk an Ectopic Pregnancy which kills the baby and threatens the mother’s life.
    YouTube has many videos of young women with badly bruised arms after removal. Search “nexplanon horror stories.”

    All this is mind control. Doctors and nurses who insert this are not normal.

    1. This is total insanity. Every day now when I read the news it motivates me to get rid of more of my possessions and head for the hills. Thanks for sharing.

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