Results of Spanish Researchers: Pfizer Vaxx is 99+% toxic Graphene Oxide

There is no reason that this is there, except to commit murder, says Dr. Jane Ruby.

More information, can be had here (click image below):

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14 thoughts on “Results of Spanish Researchers: Pfizer Vaxx is 99+% toxic Graphene Oxide”

  1. Graphene oxide. You’re not going to believe this…they’re using this rubbish in panty liners, adult diapers, incontinence products and also in dental applications like implants and tooth whitening!

  2. Thanks we need more of this info now more them ever our governor of florida Ron DeSentis he jus sign a mandatory vax for all Floridian and the military also will have no choice help we need help thanks for your reporting.

    1. I strongly recommend you get a gun + license and begin to organize neighborhood militia to prevent forcible vaccination. If you do not want to be that confrontational, I highly recommend you flee Florida immediately.

    2. I live in Florida and have not heard that. Gov DeSantis signed a bill to prohibit Vax passports, not make it mandatory to get vaxxed .
      You have a source?

      1. I agree. I did my own research yesterday on this. I think the reference was to the news story about Florida making forced injections legal if they thought in a particular instance it was for the public good, or something like that. If they make it mandatory about half the state will leave.

      2. By the way fromrome, we are getting absolutely hammered down here since yesterday afternoon, by a hurricane. If you and your readers could please say one Hail Mary for us it would be much appreciated. I live alone on a remote island in the Gulf of Mexico. Thank you for any prayers for us.

      3. May Saint Michael, Great Prince of the Angels, and a lord of storms, preserve you. Consecrate your home to the Sacred Heart and ask His merciful protection….

  3. Thank you! The last band of the storm (green yellow and red, not good) has moved just south of here, but I’ll still have to watch it for the rest of the day.

    1. I’m keeping you in my prayers, dear Joan. Thank you for your comments. They’ve been an inspiration.

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