7 thoughts on “Graphene Oxide found in AstraZeneca Vaxx”

  1. Is there a precise measurement of the presence of Graphene Oxide? Optical observations are clearly not quantitative.

    In addition the following sentence (reported yesterday) contains several unclear points “Graphene oxide in nanoparticulate form (?), recorded as seeming folds (?) in the vaccine liquid (?)” under (?) the optical microscope and partially lit (?) in a dark field (background?) in different microscope settings (? which settings? Focus?)
    Thanks. See you! Max

    1. I would suggest you track down the original Spanish report and study. It probably has the technical details you seek.

        Informe provisional (I)
        28 de Junio de 2021
        Prof. Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid
        Doctor en Ciencias Químicas y Licenciado en Ciencias Biológicas


  2. It’s a carcinogen, and so are many of the other ingredients. Why do people think there are so many cases of neurological problems from these pointless and dangerous vaccines?
    A virus with a survival rate of over 99.9x% WITHOUT ANY TREATMENT AT ALL. What does that tell you?
    People just can’t believe they are actually doing what they really are doing. Scientists, doctors, nurses, lawyers, around the world are releasing information about everything wrong. We even have whistleblowers from WHO and UN.
    The Sars2 vaccines should never been released and used at all.
    Same goes with the garbage PCR tests. There are saliva tests out there that are apperently way more accurate and give you the result in 10min. Why not use a more accurate test that saves money and let people just go home when it gives a negative result?
    Think about that one..
    Diplomats don’t have to do a PCR test or go to detention centers and stay there while being tested more when traveling. Think about that one..
    What a mysterious, tricky, and super dangerous virus, that only seem to affect regular people, not their own masonic delivery boys, and leaders.
    This whole thing is obviously about control, especially not something you have to worry about if you are part of their luciferian gutter club.
    Why even travel now if you don’t have to?
    Why do insurance companies, that inform customers, who need to travel for work, only mention that they need to take the vaccine?
    There are actually 3 options for travel: 1 Vaccine. 2 Immunity. 3. Negative test.
    Funny how they still not tell people they are actually immun for life..
    But they only mentions that you MUST take the vaccine.
    Think about that one..
    To bad all these corrupt liars and evil people can’t just evaporate.

    1. Most allopathic Western medicine is based on poisons, most of which are petrochemical based, even when the original medicines on which they are based are naturally occurring, typically herbal.

      Allopathic Western medicine largely displaced traditional homeopathic Western medicine after a concerted effort by Rockefellers, Ford, Carnegie and other billionaire eugenicists that began over a century ago.

      Multiple upsides for the eugenicist billionaires – reduce the world population, enslave billions to pharmakeia, and get these billions plus almost everyone else to pay for the pharmakeia that kill and enslave them.

      Westerners tend to think that Chinese state execution is particularly evil, due to the final touch that the family of the executed person is sent a bill for the bullets and a “service charge”.

      It is, and I assure you that I am no apologist for it, nor for the Chinese regime.

      But at least it is up front about it, compared to the allopathic pharmaceutical and military industrial complex.

  3. Doesn’t anyone find it shocking how cowardly so many people are? Did they not know one day they would die? So they cower, mask up, line up for shots, and shame others who don’t bend their entire will and all their freedoms (which millions died for) at the mention of the word death?
    These are the ones that will be destroyed, the critical thinkers will be left as the populace. Conservatives, blacks and Latinos, who are the ones refusing to get the vaxx, will be the ones left to control the Earth. Not a bad outcome, though surely not what the elites worldwide intended!

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