If you do not comply immediately, you must leave anyhow

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13 thoughts on “If you do not comply immediately, you must leave anyhow”

  1. America must be the most retarded western country after Australia, especially when it comes to the mind-boggling Corona mass hysteria and panic by all these idiots.
    No wonder those two countries are not even on the top 10 IQ chart of all the countries in the world.
    I will never ever set my foot in US or Australia after all I have seen on how people are treated there. You really see what a country is made of snow during this noon medical pandemic.
    It’s sickening.

    1. Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the UK cannot be far from these two in terms of retardation and diabolical oppression.

      Is it related to natively speaking English?

  2. We are not all crazy in the US, only the looney liberals. There is a big difference between conservative and liberal states. The conservative states are living life normal.

  3. I’ve wondered if intelligence as measured by IQ and education have anything to do with what’s going on, particularly in the US. Maybe if we survive this I’ll dust off my desk top and statistics stuff, analyze it. I’m American, have advanced degrees in finance, accounting, statistics, operations research, investment management, along with professional certifications. I don’t think it makes a difference, just look at how the highly intelligent educated doctors are behaving.

    1. I think it has to do with whether a person uncritically believes superiors, television and politicians. Those who do have been captured by this fraud.

      1. Well then, that complicates the analysis considerably, because one could argue that level of critical thinking is cultivated by advanced study and research, which generally is only pursued by those with more intellectual than physical capabilities. As an aside, I’m one of those who thinks they should change IQ testing to include many other capabilities. EVERYONE IS GIFTED. It’s surprising the liberals haven’t latched onto this concept with greater fervor. In any case, I think it has to do with laziness. Pure and simple. The norm here in the US, no one wants to do a damn thing any more, and they expect to get paid for it. I’ve actually hired home health care workers who sleep on the job, I’ve seen the same thing in nursing homes, where CNAs watch TV and sleep all shift. The staff refused to fire them because they’re minorities. The so called have nots are full of psychological baggage that goes way back. Resentments, hostilities, jealousies, envy. All goes back to spiritual sickness, it’s like a cancer here.

  4. Check this!
    We know not all are idiots in English speaking countries. Sorry if it came out that way. It was obviously not my attention.
    We all, together, internationally, need to fight the oppressors
    We are, believe it or not heading into the same problem, that they had in 1933 in Germany, and later with the country being split for fun by the devil cabal, with East/West Germany. Same thing with the Eastern European countries being occupied by communist Russia.
    I was a kid back in the 80’s, but I still have some memories of East German soldiers with machine guns being aggressive telling us off just having a food break after a long ride on the Autobahn towards Hungary. Not pleasant at all. They literally appeared from nowhere.
    We must do whatever we can, use the creativity and start networking and let’s all help each other, and prevent a dark age of appearing. You can already see the Police State mentality slowly rising in every country. We never thought anything like what they had back then could ever come back, but now it has.

    1. No problem, we all understand. Life here in the US may appear one way to the outside world, speaking from my own experience it has been living hell, bouncing from one horrific experience to another. Just when you think you’ve found a safe place and people you can trust, they turn out to be the opposite. For example. I live in a small isolated community of less than 10K people. For 15 years here we had a gay priest living on Church property with his live in
      boyfriend. What was I to do?? I waited and waited and waited. Finally I sent a letter to the bishop and guess what. All hell broke loose. To this day. The bishop had him and live in moved out of the Church but they are still on the payroll living like two fat butt kings. And get this. The entire community is up in arms, fighting, literally the police have been involved and restraining orders filed…they want him back!!?? You can’t even make this stuff up, what’s going on over here. At some point it’s time to turn off the news and head for the refuge. I’m just about there now. This will only get worse. Much worse.

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