Is Covid-19 a coverup for 5G Poisoning? Here is the argument that it is …

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  1. I posted this video last year, and again recently, to try and reach people. My family are still not listening!! Lord have mercy on us!

  2. Hello Respiratory therapist here, I want to give a better more clear explanation for what COVID is doing (first 5 min of movie), and what is happening in relation to the lungs while on the breathing machines.

    COVID enters through the lungs and hijacks the machinery of lung cells. The “virus” then produces proteins that enter into the blood stream and latch onto the iron portion of red blood cells. The Fe(Iron) portion of RBC, are what O2 binds onto. Which in turn creates the oxygen deprivation that the ER doc mentioned. 99% of O2 carrying capacity is done through the red blood cells and when you basically neutralise the O2 binding onto the RBC’s you can’t carry O2 to the body or tissues. I would rather compare this disease to carbon monoxide poisoning and not altitude sickness. Its a slow carbon monoxide poisoning, where the struggle to breathe is very apparent. The heart has a demand of oxygen it needs to pump in a minute, when the blood that is being pumped carries no oxygen or has poor carrying capacity, the body yells to the heart “hey we need more O2,” and the heart compensates for the lack of O2 by pumping harder and faster. When the O2 supply drops low enough to where even the heart can’t get enough O2 to pump that hard and fast demand, the heart starts getting really stressed and begins tiring out too.

    When people get put onto ventilators, at least today, the strategies used are much more gentle then what the doctor mentioned. The strategies for ARDS are among the most gentle possible. The problem at this point today is that IF people manage to come off the ventilators, the scarring that occurs in their lungs is so bad that (if the patient is older) they need a tracheostomy in order to breathe. The concept of a tracheostomy in my opinion is absolutely the worst idea. when a tracheostomy is put in it bypasses the voicebox. The voicebox is responsible for creating back pressure necessary to keep the lungs propped open. When the voice box is bypassed, the propping doesn’t occur, therefore its like trying to breathe through flat lungs. Its difficult, its tiring, and the pressure gradients that occur in the lungs make the fluid in the blood supply that surrounds the lungs want to leak into the lungs. Its like breathing through flat lungs that want to stay flat, while there’s a bunch of water in the lungs that gets in the way of oxygenation.

    The scarring that occurs in the lungs is not because of the ventilators, its because of something else. I don’t know what, but high O2 content can theoretically cause scarring because O2 has a lot of electrons that surround it. Those free radicals are what can cause chaos. I would argue if this doctors argument was true, then this scarring would occur with almost every patient that got put on a ventilator, and that’s not the case.

    As of today and where we are right now with how this thing is treated, not much has changed and that’s what bothers me. Its as if we are working on the early data set that started in 2019 and nobody is bother to come back and reconsider how to approach this whole thing.

    Today what we do is give patients as much oxygen as possible. We avoid as much as we can to avoid the ventilator, and do whatever possible to optimise their breathing (changing positions etc.). When it comes to putting on the ventilator outcomes are poor, and this has everything to do with the change of physiology that occurs on vented vs nonvented patients. Negative pressure breathing vs. Positive pressure breathing.

    If they survive patients will be on O2 for a VERY long time, Lung tissue becomes scarred. (pulmonary fibrosis)Scarring of the lungs takes VERY long to heal, IF it heals. Lung cells do not replicate like the liver, they behave more like the brain. Where when they are dead, the spot gets filled by another alive cell, but if the cell becomes fibrotic, its just deadspace. The quality of life and outcomes are very poor after being taken off of a ventilator.

    I’ve been working at a hospital that is following the CDC guidelines in America and I am frustrated by the outcomes. I am also getting frustrated with how nobody is addressing the elephant in the room by asking the question of whether a patient has been vaccinated when we are seeing some really weird exotic presentations in blood work and diagnostics. There is weird stuff showing up in hospitals, personally anecdotally what I’m seeing is a lot of brain bleeds than usual. A LOT.

    1. How do you know that these symptoms are occurring and that a virus is causing them? Has your hospital every found Covid-19 in a patient, under a microscopic analsysis of bodily fluids or tissues from the living patient? And how did you team recognize that it was Covid-19 and not just another coronavirus? I would like to know, as a journalist, the answers to these questions, to determine if you are simply repeating what you were told, or if there is any scientific fact behind what you are saying.

      1. I don’t know what caused it. PCR tests are what is being used where I work, which aren’t reliable. Whether a protein is binding to the iron in RBCs, is only in theory as well, also unknown. But its the running theory, the oxygen carrying capacity aka RBC’s are the culprits. Whats undeniable is the progression of the disease, the need for more O2. What the XRAYs look like and the bloodwork. They all present the same. The cause? I don’t know, and nobody is delving deeper. This same problem is happening with the unusual occurrences of head bleeds (hemmoraghic strokes). There is an unusual amount, and nobody is asking the simple question of “did the person take the vaccine.” Its an inviisible elephant in the room that nobody is addressing, not the doctors, no nurses, and not specialties. I’ll ask the family occasionally when I get the chance, and they all have stories as if they’ve been holding in everything and they spill it all out. Families are too scared to ask doctors. I have yet to see it asked once, because I’m interested in seeing what the doctors are telling families.

        5G is always possible. I also wouldn’t be surprised if it was some kind of bioweapon. But the fact that you’re getting some really exotic presentations where the ER doc was questioning even his own framework of understanding is evident. I don’t know what it is, but its real. The fact that people took this vaccine and primed their immune systems for this unknown thing is even more concerning. Whatever COVID is, its coming back, and I will be following the countries that are experiencing winter right now closely. Australia, Israel even, Africa, Chile, Brazil.

      2. The worse way to begin a diagnosis is to presume you know what the infection is caused by. Has your entire hospital staff lost sense of the fundamental scientific approach to medicine?

  3. Is it possible that a combination of the addition of the spike protein to Covid 19 in the lab, led to an unforeseen exaggeration of 5G radiation poisoning in susceptible individuals?

    May Our Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart Triumph soon💕🙏

  4. Not sure if I’m the only one who saw it, but the British show from 2013, watch ‘Utopia’. Specifically Ep.5, around 4:00 into the show.

    LETTS: Janus consists of a protein and an amino acid. Independent of each other, they’re harmless. But when they’re brought together in the subject, they act as a genetic figure that prevents chromosomal division. The cell targeted can no longer replicate itself and is thereby rendered useless. The change is permanent… and hereditary.

    BECKY: And which cells are targeted?

    LETTS: Those that control fertility, Becky. The purpose of Janus is to sterilise… The purpose of Janus is to sterilise the entire human race.

    The rest of the show is about “their” need to silence anyone who tries to learn or spread this information. You cant be telling others that people die or are sterilized by this program. They cant have that….

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