Psyop tactics being used by the Globalists to sustain their narrative

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Since FromRome.Info is an independent website not subject to globalist control, it can publish articles which criticize their project and dismantle their narrative. And since a recent video which I produced has gotten more than 130,000 views on alone, and many more on other platforms where it has now been copied, FromRome.Info has begun to be targeted by experts in psyop warfare.

Observing their tactics and taking the proper response, which is simply to erase their comment and never reply, I want however to share what I have learned with the general public, so that you too can learn how to counter their tactics.

Globalist Assets

First, it is a known fact that the UK Government has repurposed their anti-terrorist cyber warfare unit against those who attack the Globalist narrative. This is because the UK Govt is completely controlled by the Pilgrim Society, one of the leading Globalist Masonic groups. — The UK Govt is also responsible for creating global Islamic terrorism, by supporting Al Quaeda and ISIS, so that while we were looking the other way, they could promote a surveillance state to prepare for the Plandemic, something which was hatched nearly a century ago, if we are to believe Adolf Hitler, who said his party would return as a religion in 2019. And we must assume that the US, French and German Governments, which are controlled completed by the Masonic Lodges of New York City, Parish and Berlin, are doing the same thing.

Globalist objectives

Second, the goal of the Globalists, we must remember, is what Klaus Schwab announced in this book on the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

  1. Kill all but 1 billion people, leaving alive 500 million Chinese and Japanese who are peoples used to tyranny.
  2. Do this by a Vaccination program, organized famines, and wars “which we will incite”.

How they are achieving their objective with the Vaxx

For this reason, the mad rush to vaccinate everyone is not merely a panic, it’s planned and a central component.  Numerous reports have noted that the Vaxx will sterilize men and women, contains the deadly toxic spike protein, and is 99% graphene oxide which is so toxic, it would only be added to your body to kill you. Also vaccines for coronaviruses kill their patients by antibody priming, in which your body is excessively prepared to defend against another similar infection and when infected kills you by producing to many effects, such as fever mucous, etc., which would normally help fight an infection.

Added to this is the other deadly side-effect, that a mRNA therapy designed to program your immune system to defend against one pathogen or toxin, will cause an unnatural balance in your immune system and thus make it much more difficult for your system to defend against other pathogens.  This is already being seen in Israel, where in the heat of summer, thousands are getting sick from common colds which never before manifested in summer, since the human body can so easily defend against them in that season.

Agenda for Globalist Pysop program

So for all these reasons, the Globalist psyop has a lot to do to maintain the narrative.

  • Their first target is to attack the experts who are talking.
  • Their second target is to censor all social media.
  • Their third target is to pull the plug on the most influential websites if they can.
  • Their fourth target is to attack the credibility of websites which begin to have an influential role in disseminating any of the above information or sites.

And this is the only reason, I believe, that I have seen several new kinds of trolls here at FromRome.Info in just the last 2 weeks.

And these trolls, have exhibited the following tactical methods:

  1. Feigning an email of an expert and demanding a news story be removed from this website.
  2. Claiming a news story is unreliable or false and demanding it be removed.
  3. Claiming that part of a story is false or one of the speakers is unreliable.
  4. Claiming that a speaker does not have the credentials claimed.
  5. Praising part of a news story but calumniating another part of it.
  6. Demanding that a site like FromRome.Info which republishes information, respond to technical or expert questions which rightfully should be addressed to experts.
  7. Insisting that news stories contain exaggerations or misrepresentations.
  8. Denying 2+2=4 and other similar things, in any news story and insisting that those who can think are exaggerating or jumping to conclusions.
  9. Insulting the publisher by personal attacks, designed to prick vanity and pride and incite an excessive public response. The more outrageous the attack, the more they think it will succeed.

My counsel regarding these kinds of attacks is this:

The only way to respond to these is normally only by simply erasing their emails or comments.

Some of these who practice n. 8 merit a published strong rebuke, but do not waste your time with all of them. Do not change your approach to publishing news and reposting articles. Remember, if you repost or republish, you are not obliged to know all the facts, since you are only reporting that it is newsworthy that another site has published an article or video about this topic.

I highly recommend, taking pleasure in one thing: erasing comments by those engaged in one of the above 9 tactics. Acquire this habit and it will make your day, when you have to erase more comments than usual. Maintain a high quality of comment at your site by approving only the best ones or only those by well-behaved individuals, and definitely do not set your site to publish all comments, or else the pysops will high-jack your good work and use it for their goals.

Finally, do what you do for the truth, not for any egotistic goal, and you will remain free from such manipulation.

So beware of Globalist pysopers and gas lighters. They are out there, but you will not see their comments on FromRome.Info because I do not tolerate their kind of trash.

Here, at FromRome.Info, they have joust with a student of Scholastic Theology, and they cannot hope to win in that fight.

With Globalist Censorship growing daily, No one will ever know about the above article, if you do not share it.

3 thoughts on “Psyop tactics being used by the Globalists to sustain their narrative”

  1. Klaus Analschwab!

    He even looks like a creepy nazi.
    We will get them and their foot soldiers regardless of their plans. Bee very clever and sabotage everything from within their systems, and watch their little new world fall apart. We are many.
    I am so grateful for having the ability to see thru all the bs they do. I have warned family and anyone else who is willing to listen since the 90’s, and ask them do their own research as well. I warned family since 2003, that all the pandemics, and vaccines, that came with those fake pandemics were all poisons and lies. When a pharmaceutical company even infect it’s own shipment of vaccines, to worsen a situation, or to create a epidemic, then what does that tell you?
    Some still believe in the lies even after you show them proof.
    I don’t understand why that is. Is it fear? Is it denial of the fact that the whole modern world is corrupted? Is it because these intelligent people and intellectuals are so indoctrinated and socially and culturally conditioned, that their brains are not patched like the ones that can see thru all the crap?
    I grew up in the exact same environment, I went thru the exact same stages in life as they did. So why does it not work?
    Why are they not waking up no matter how much overwhelming evidence you provide?
    No. An anonymous fool on TV, who do not provide a single piece of evidence, is the person they believe in. The person went to a college or university where the main sponsor was the pharmaceutical industry. The “experts” who have self interests and have shares in the pharmaceutical industry, or the government officials who had campaign money kindly “donated” to them from the big pharma are the ones they believe in. Some people are scared and confused, I realise that, but most seem to be a special kind of stupid, or maybe a veil of deceit has been pulled over these individuals. Psychological manipulation, using fear and playing on peoples emotions do work on many regardless if their IQ is high or if they have a higher education, but there is still that feeling of something else going on. If a person speaks slowly, moves slowly and fake smile, talks to you as if they were your friend or someone you just bump into at a store, or bus stop, seems to work well on these individuals. I check their background, and it usually ends up with them having been groomed and sponsored by Freemasonry since they went to school, the right schools. I don’t buy it at all. I will never vote again, only voted twice in my life when I had the age to do it, and voted on the red pill and blue pill. I also don’t care about the fake democratic society, and the illusion of democracy, and the illusion of freedom, as it was all created by the Freemasons. It’s all fake and worthless. No wonder it feels so uncomfortable and wrong to live the way we do. It’s a construct, and not at all a natural evolution thing as the decieved ones think. We were never supposed to live like this, and our world was never supposed to look like this. I spit on their world, and avoid as much of it as possible. They disgust me. They try to lure you in with the environmental aspect of the great reset and you not owning anything. What a bunch of bs. To bad it’s real, and not a joke. Even politicians on TV say the great reset is a conspiracy theory. It’s interesting that those politicians are part of it, including their government and all corporations around the world.
    Are we who see thru it all early on the so called chosen ones?
    Not sure where all this will take me inn life, but I feel like an Island. You can’t speak out much about anything anymore, or people turn on you, the world you are forced to live in shrinks, and your opportunities are fewer if you do.
    It’s pretty depressing and lonely, but what other options are there?

    1. Satan Klaus, Baal Gates, et al… what a grotesquerie.

      A lot of what keeps sheeple sheeple is fear.

      It’s understandable. They don’t wanna lose the house, the great job, the access to medical care, the contact with family abroad, or the Hawaiian vacation…

      I know someone who seems to be of the idea that “until the Antichrist comes there’s basically NOTHING to worry about”. Business can go on as usual. Uh-huh. He fails to realise that powerful people don’t have to be the Antichrist to wreak havoc and death on a massive scale. Then again, he’s got a parent who’s not very mobile so the notion of having to Get Out Of Dodge is hardly appealing to him.
      There are others who have close relatives scattered all over, so they feel they have “an obligation” to travel, no matter what the conditions or cost.
      The idea of bugging out and living in a cave or under a bridge is also very hard on parents with small children or who have invested heavily in their children’s education.
      Fear. Fear. Fear.
      It’s easy to take the path of least resistance: the path of denial and trust in government and institutions. So instead of preparing, they waste precious time sending letters to elected officials and bishops.
      Sad, very sad.

  2. I hear you. All I know is, in my case it was an act of God, actually multiple acts of God, that explain how I escaped from the system. I was raised in a Masonic Presbyterian home, all my parent’s friends were out of the same mold. I went to the right schools, socialized with people whose names you would recognize, worked for global institutions. Beginning in 1994 God took over, ripped the rug out from under me. Generally in a situation like mine, the only thing that works is supernatural stripping of all worldly ties and possessions. It’s a process. In my case still ongoing. That in my opinion is why the pre-tribulation, and eventually great tribulation, have to be this way. Human nature being what it is people generally don’t change until they hit rock bottom; some worse than others.

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