Bergoglio struck with “severe and degenerative” disease

Here is the original report in Italian from Vatican insiders at il Sismografo:

Here is the link to the English translation:

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9 thoughts on “Bergoglio struck with “severe and degenerative” disease”

  1. Assuming both did take the vaxx as reported, not placebo, and assuming the time line is correct for the poison to destroy their immune systems, plus or minus, they both have about two years to live. What we need to discuss is who is going to do the proper consecration of Russia and when, and who is going to declare Mother Mary Mediatrix etc. with full title? My hope is that Pope Benedict takes care of all this.

  2. It makes me wonder if the globalists and Freemasons feel that Bergoglio’s usefulness to them is up and are ready to dispose of him. He is highly unpopular among Catholics. More and more Catholics know he is an antipope. They might want to get another antipope elected who is worse (if that is possible) and one they think will be more charismatic.

    1. He’s not going anywhere until he takes down The Church, Vatican, Rome in one swell foop at the end of the upcoming Synod scheduled to conclude in 2023. And then the real ship-show begins with anti-christ. Just my opinion of course, read with discernment.

      1. Not just your opinion! I predict a “miraculous” recovery and they will say it proves he’s a saint. False miracles to come- revive his popularity!
        Yes he has work yet. There’s only one false prophet in scripture- not two. And he works in league with the AC

  3. “Do away with courtesy… [he] doesn’t need it.” That’s an awfully odd translation of the final lines of the article. One gets the strong sense that whatever Italian idiom may have be invoked Google-Translate has not done it justice.

    1. I think they mean, “Stop with the nobless oblige”, that is the fawning adulation and subservience.

  4. I think it is divine justice which kept the corona desease from being more fatal as a regular flue. Since his ‘papal proxy’ Francis is responsible for the whole church following the mask and vaxx measures I think it would be divine justice for the whole world to witness its consequences..

    I don’t see why we should believe the Vatican if they say Benedict has received the vaxx too. I don’t think for a moment he would take it voluntarily. If forced it will not harm him..

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