Why I think Paul VI and John Paul II are more likely damned, than Saints

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

On July 7, 2007, Pope Benedict XVI struck down one of the biggest lies and frauds of the post-conciliar era.  A lie which stood for nearly 33 years, unopposed by Popes Paul VI and John Paul II.*

That lie was perpetrated by the Congregation for Divine Worship, on October 28, 1974, when it declared that the new Missal of Paul VI obrogated — that is legally replaced — the former Missale Romanum in force since the time of Saint Pius V in the 16th century.

And that lie, was no small lie.

It was used to persecuted millions of Catholics for 33 years, without one word or peep from the Vatican.

And that was not only a lie, it was a lie in written form to sustain a fraud, namely, that Paul VI had used papal power, and not nude force, to alter the worship of the Roman Church.

And that fraud was not only a fraud in itself, but a sacrilege against Holy Mother Church and the Faithful of Christ. Because that fraud was used to deprive them of the immemorial Mass and undermine the faith, devotion, spirituality and personal religious traditions and practices and sentiments and prayer life of 100s of millions of Catholics.

In sum, this lie, was no small sin, but one of cosmic, Satanic proportions.

And for that reason, those who knew of it, had a duty to strike it down, regardless of their political agenda.

But neither Paul VI nor John Paul II, both of whom had long enough pontificates to do this, did this.

And to tolerate injustice, when with a single word you could bring injustice to an end, is the most knavish and disgraceful behavior in any human person, more so in a man, who has the natural vocation to be a father, and even more so in a man of God who receives a solemn and divine obligation to shepherd the flock of Christ entrusted to him.

There can be no excuse for such negligence. And though we cannot judge the person of the pope, who has an office which places him above the judgement of all men, we can judge the acts of popes, when the deviate from the moral norm.

This being the case, such a negligence it totally incompatible with Sainthood, as every sane Catholic can see. Because if it is a mortal sin to rob $20 from another man, who is poor, as Saint Alphonsus dei Liguori teaches, how much more is it a sin to rob the Roman Mass from the Faithful of the Roman Catholic Church throughout all the word, and this for 33 years!

The battle against Benedict XVI, according to many commentators, began in earnest with the publication of Summorum Pontificum.  Since February 2013, those who benefited most from that decree are the most glaringly ungrateful for the Holy Father’s justice. They even go so far as to condemn him, who restored their rights.

But I believe the justice of God on the last day will totally vindicate Pope Benedict XVI for this great act of rectification.  For God is Truth and all the servants of Truth find merit before His throne.

Contrariwise, what are we to think of Paul VI and John Paul II for this sin of omission which cried out to heaven for 33 years.

I believe it is not improbable to conclude, that having never rectified it, and having had the time to do so, they could not possibly have died as friends of the God of Truth and Justice, Who is the Good Shepherd, Who gave His life for His sheep.

This consideration becomes more probable, when we reflect on the truth that the Mass comes from Christ, through the Hands of the Apostles and is protected and enriched through the working of the Holy Ghost and the Saints.  Therefore, the magnitude of pride and presumption and disdain that you have to muster in your heart to attack it and replace it with the mealy and distorted handiwork of a committee is extraordinary and monstrous, and cannot be reconciled with all that the Faith teaches us about how God regards those who attack His handiworks.

The above consideration is not invalidated by acts of canonization by someone who has no claim to the papacy himself.* Indeed, when the godless canonize anyone, we cannot be sure that they do it for honest motives, they may be merely revering the acts of other godless men.

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CREDITS: The Featured Image shows Pope Paul VI place the Cardinal’s hat upon Karol Wotyla.


*  Paul VI and John Paul II were “canonized” by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who claims to be Pope Francis, despite having no canonical argument that the renunciation of Benedict XVI was valid. (see more here)

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15 thoughts on “Why I think Paul VI and John Paul II are more likely damned, than Saints”

  1. The “Tridentine” mass is the received and approved rite of the Roman Catholic Church and so the Faithful have a right to this mass, and priests have a right to celebrate this mass, in perpetuity. See “The Profession of Faith of the Council of Trent,” 7th Session, Canon 13 of the Council of Trent, and the Papal Bull, “Quo primum,” 1570, by Pope Saint Pius V.

  2. Thank you, Brother! This article reminds me of the chilling spectacle shown to the children at Fatima when Our Lady of Fatima, opened up the earth and exposed hell, where the souls of poor sinners go! Our Lady of Fatima wanted us to know through the eyes of these three little children the reality of hell and the consequences of mortals sins! Spare us oh Lord! Our Lady of the Rosary pray for us and poor sinners who have no one to pray for them! Heaven help these poor popes!

  3. Pope John Paul II also did some very strange things like the promulgation of new mysteries to the Rosary with the Freemasonic title of “luminous mysteries” and releasing a clearly faked 3rd secret of Fatima. I think he was incapacitated and not running the Vatican for at least the last few years of his pontificate. It was strange how so many were calling him John Paul the Great.

    1. If they are saints (?) they are made saints in a hurry ! to ratify the clandestine activities of Freemasons wanting to send a message that they are in charge (now !) and ascribe credibility to Vatican II documents. They needed to have some patron saints to pray to, I suppose.
      The Devil’s Advocate did not take into account Rev (Dr) Fr Luigi Villa’s book “Paul VI Beato” which had stopped the beatification of Paul VI !
      How come P-VI suddenly donned the halo put on him by Francis ?
      It took 300 hundred years or so to declare Pope Pius V a saint – the pope of the Council of Trent, the Pope of the Tridentine Mass (codified) , The Pope of Lepanto fame, The pope of the Holy Rosary ! A saintly man who would not be trodden over.

      After him

  4. I have often wondered which of the popes were the two worm-ridden popes Our Lady spoke of. I agree with you 100% on your assessment here.

  5. Dear Br Alexis
    Pope JP II was surrounded by wolfs , who controlled his post, speech,, almost all actions,microphones switched off during meetings, he was aware of this and tried to live with it ,for being true apostol of God he paid price of assassination ,and threat of his life in many other attempts . BR Alexis please do not damn yourself for such statements

    1. One cannot be damned for opining that a person is damned, except when one bases his judgement on a rejection of facts and the moral law. I believe my exposition above does quite the contrary.

  6. 26 yrs in the saddle, but Mr Collegial, Totus Tuus couldn’t pull off the Collegial Consecration of Russia. Run around the globe to play at “rock star,” whilst allowing a contagion of unworthy souls to fill the episcopate. As to Montini: there are enough duplicitous remarks in the non-binding V2 dox as to lend a complete study of Modernism, the latter, more a tactic than a specific denial of truth, whose major tenet is “Give the appearance of exercising authority, shy of actually exercising it.” For those seeking it, however, God’s mercy has no bounds; the survivors, meanwhile, have to deal with the aftermath — a penance which may prove to cover a multitude, one hopes.

  7. Two websites had preserved copies of booklets written by Fr Luigi Villa ThD and published by Chiesa Viva.

    Both can be found on the web archive.


    You can browse different web capture dates to see if more documents are available, for example in translations.


    You can select different articles on the right hand side.

    Whether you agree with them or not, these documents deserve preservation, not only in web archives.

  8. Thank you for this stark analysis, brother.

    To me, this only further confirms not only the justice but even the actual necessity of Archbishop Lefebvre’s actions. What do you think?


    1. I suspect the Archbishop was recruited by the CIA Gladio network after WWII and financed with their money from Eastern Switzerland, because the CIA wanted an ineffective but public opposition to their project in dismanteling the Catholic Church, which project is called Vatican II, where they organized the Masons in the Church Hierarchy to satanically attack the Faith. The Archbishop signed all Vatican II documents, so I do not think he is a hero.

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