Covid Injections 50 times more lethal than all Vaccines ever used in USA combined


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12 thoughts on “Covid Injections 50 times more lethal than all Vaccines ever used in USA combined”

    1. Reuters is a Rothschild controlled propaganda outlet. And seeing that the Rs want every Jew in Israel dead, you can imagine what they want for non jews…

  1. 6113 deaths (following the administering of just over 310 million covid doses) reported to VAERS in the USA from December 14, 2020 up to June 18, 2021 (6 months and 4 days) is ‘currently’ at least 60 TIMES MORE DEATHS in general than the deaths reported to VAERS per annum from all other vaccines combined!

    The deaths of children reported following the trialling and/or administering to them of highly experimental covid doses WITHOUT INFORMED CONSENT in terms of the number of ‘life years’ lost is likely to be COLOSSAL!

  2. How many abortions are we up to now?
    God has made it clear, first and foremost the proper consecration of Russia, then globally end abortion. Those are just the first two conditions to avoid the three days of darkness. Not to mention trumpets, bowls.

    1. Now 917 unborn babies dead following experimental covid shots as reported to CDC/VAERS in the USA.

  3. Almost 30%, that is, 29.5% of all reported deaths in the USA to CDC VAERS following the administering of covid doses over the last 6 months and 2 weeks have occurred in the last week!!! Is this the start of an exponential increase in Deaths?!

    ‘Data released today show that between Dec. 14, 2020 and July 2, 2021, a total of 438,441 total adverse events were reported to VAERS, including 9,048 deaths— an increase of 2,063 over the previous week. There were 41,015 serious injury reported during the same time period — up 6,950 compared with last week.’

  4. If the following information is correct then the Deaths reported in the USA following the administering of experimental covid spike protein+ injections then the deaths may be closer to 600 TIMES GREATER the number of deaths reported in the USA per annum from all other vaccines combined!

    June 11, 2021……
    “We have now a whistleblower inside the CMS, and we have two whistleblowers in the CDC,” the doctor revealed. “We think we have 50,000 dead Americans. Fifty thousand deaths. So we actually have more deaths due to the vaccine per day than certainly the viral illness by far. It’s basically propagandized bioterrorism by injection.”


  5. Okay. So here’s the problem. I started publicly sounding the alarm in 2012. I was banned or blocked from multiple websites, even National Catholic whatever it’s called. I’m fixing to go to the refuge and these people are just starting to sober up. I hate to say it’s too late for a lot of these folks but obviously if they’re dead, that’s kind of where the situation is at.

  6. 27,991 DEATHS and 3,245,650 INJURIES to date so far (end June/beginning of July 2021) following experimental covid jabs have been reported to CDC VAERS (USA), EudraVigilance (27 countries in the EU) and the Yellow Card System (U.K.).

    1. God bless you for gathering that information, I tried to search the database yesterday, it’s not easy. My guess is we’re in the eye of the storm here before the wave of deaths. The economic impact of this will probably be the next wave. Economic fallout leading to global wars is what the prophecies say. Setting the stage for the antichrist. Here in the US the natural disasters continue, along with signs of upcoming food shortages. So far I’m sticking with my estimate, we have until spring 2024 til all hell is unleashed, our lives are at risk.

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