7 thoughts on “New Zealand will hunt for those who are not Vaxxed”

  1. Sadly most countries esp the western countries will resort to this. They are the ones that plan to drastically reduce their population rates. They will use “every which way but lose” method to kill us all off. Sadistic psychopaths.

  2. Now what do we do? Where to go? This is becoming a real nightmare. May God Almighty save us from the evil ones. Amen.

  3. if you haven’t listened or watched our 3 part programs on Saint Hildegard Von Bingen exposing the Antichrist, you need to, then you will know and understand why this evil is permitted, to finally convert the most stubborn and hard headed people.

    1. I live in NZ. I am not a citizen, but have permanent residency. This means I have the same rights as a citizen, but no New Zealand passport.
      Not sure if this little luciferian muppet is just using fear, or if they will actually do this.
      They already have military running the MIQ’s (Detention Centers) Quarantine Hotels. Whenever there is just one suspected community case, they raise the alert levels. I have experienced lockdowns, and policestate measures here, that I doubt I would have experienced or seen in northern Europe, Scandinavia. It’s scary. I’m not used to anything like this, and I feel worried about what will happen if they step things up. I don’t recognise the country anymore. QR codes everywhere, even on petrol pumps. There have been talks about making it mandatory. I really need to connect with others, who can also see thru all the madness. Big Pharma has not just corrupted health care, and science globally, fooling people who trust doctors and scientists. And what is going on by pushing a poison globally, that is causing permanent damages or killing people, many as soon as they took the poison. It’s apparently 18.000% more lethal than the flu vaccine according to CDC. They are not recalling it, instead pushing it harder. That is pure evil.
      I really need to connect with more intelligent and capable people, and chat to see where we can go from here. All this is on a different darkness level to ignore or wipe off, and you can see how they really are pushing hard and fast, and everyday there is new madness and insanity stories. It’s like a “machine” that has been activated, but not possible to stop, and a blinding veil has been put over the world, where most people seem to have been decieved. It’s not even possible to wake them up. They just stare and stay quiet like they pauses, then move on like I was not saying anything, even after providing them with all the evidence that can be fact-checked. At least I managed to prevent my mother and siblings from taking the poison, but nobody else listens, and probably think I’m crazy. It’s like I’m in some sort of bad dream or twilight zone. It’s really surreal. Take care, and do what you can to stay safe from the luciferian scum. Please only use protonmail or tutanota mailservice to stay safe, If you use hotmail, gmail, yahoo, you better believe that they are already watching you. You are considered a extremist or a inconvenient activist, or whatever they wish to label you as. I can’t contact you if you don’t use encrypted mailservices. Thanks

      1. There is real opposition to the vaxx in New Zealand, with the Voices for Freedom organisation leading the way. There are local groups you can get in touch with via their website.

      2. Well done and well written !!!!!!!!!!! I am a Kiwi and “”TOTALLY ASHAMED”’ of being so, as these BRAIN DEAD totally evil indoctrinated NZ heads treat us Kiwis in this manner. Communist state ??? Worse than !! Devil inspired ??? What ever or who ever these idiots listen to and act in this manner illustrate totally that free will is dead or dying in what was once the World’s freest country. Time now for us Kiwis to stand,,,unite,,and fight against these power crazed moronic Hitlerian robots….

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