USA: Biden Regime to send pro-Vaxx “strike forces” door to door nationwide

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2 thoughts on “USA: Biden Regime to send pro-Vaxx “strike forces” door to door nationwide”

  1. I’ve shared here before that I lived, worked, maintained property in Manhattan for 25 years. Every NYer knows the basics; Medeco dead bolt on all entry doors. Steel bars around the door frames so they can’t be crowbarred out. Chain lock. New cylinder when you move in. At least triple lock on every door. And I use a door jam bar on the inside. Oh and a small peep hole to see who’s standing outside before you consider opening the door. The way it works in NY either the doorman has to announce a visitor and request entry, or they have to announce by electronic intercom that goes to your apartment. That way everyone is screened.
    Security cameras all over the place recording. You have the right to refuse visitors, it’s up to you. Everyone is simply going to have to step up and learn the basics of war zone self defense that are necessary to survive with these liberals in charge.

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