USA: “Catholic” Hospital System “mandates” Vaxx for employees in 22 States

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One thought on “USA: “Catholic” Hospital System “mandates” Vaxx for employees in 22 States”

  1. It’s not just the hospitals, convents, Vatican, the entire brick and mortar Church has fallen to the beast system. Six months ago I had the ‘audacity’ to bring up the subject of what’s going on in the world with a Latin Mass priest while I was in the confessional. He cut me off, said he didn’t want to discuss anything, and if I had something to say I should make an appointment, drive 50 miles out of my way, to say it. We need to wake up and smell the coffee or we’re not going to be ready for what’s to come. Three months of food per person on hand minimum. That’s the kind of thing we need to focus on. Eventually it’s going to be just you and your family alone without infrastructure or resources. That’s the reality of the situation. I just got home from grocery shopping at Walmart. Again the shelves were almost empty. How much longer is it going to take before we stop believing the excuse of the day for why the shelves are empty and whatever is there is contaminated or so over-processed it’s unrecognizable. Last week I bought deli mashed potatoes thinking they were the real thing. Very expensive. From the deli. Who would have guessed. Potato flakes. Freeze dried. I can’t even choke them down they’re that bad. It’s going to get worse. Much worse. Let’s at least try to be ready. Not just for ourselves but for those around us who need help.

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