Where in the World are Covid Vaxxes mandatory, currently?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Out of fear of the coming Apocalypse of mass vaccination, I am receiving daily more and more requests regarding where in the world it may be safe to flee to, and where it may not.

While the Vaxx alone is not the only dangerous practice out there, as this video shows regarding the length of the swabbing devices used in Singapore, where PCR tests are required for public events:


Many nations have requirements for PCR Testing, Vaccine Passports of one kind or another, and the obligatory nature of these indicate the likelihood of what position they will take on the crucial question,  whether they will resort to making the Vaxx obligatory.

In the featured image, at the very top of this article you can see a CNN map which tracks the VAXXes administered. They show only 3 countries where no one has been vaxxed so far: Guinea, Eritrea and Tanzania. Nations where there is little or no availability will likely be places where there will be no vaxx obligation, merely for logistical reasons.

But specific information, is what we all need.  So Here is a list of stories, which I ask every reader to add to, if they know of others:

Countries in which the Vaxx has been made mandatory

Thailand: https://www.chiangraitimes.com/thailand-national-news/news-asia-thailand/provincial-governor-in-thailand-makes-covid-19-vaccine-mandatory/ (May 16, 2021)

Italy and Moscow require Vaxx for specific classes of workers: https://www.bmj.com/content/373/bmj.n1645

Countries in which the Vaxx seems to be required for visitors

The Bahamas, Belize, Croatia, Cyprus, Ecuador, Republic of Georgia, Grenada, Guatemala, Iceland, Montenegro, Nepal, Seychelles,Tahiti are open to those who are vaccinated: https://www.newsweek.com/which-countries-will-require-proof-vaccination-before-travelers-enter-1591313  though this seems to refer only to easing or eliminating the restriction for quarantine for those Vaxxed

Countries where the Vaxx may be made mandatory

54% of 104 countries have some sort of vaccine obligation, pre-existing Covid-19: https://medicalxpress.com/news/2020-10-mandatory-vaccinations-required-countries.html

Countries which are refusing Covid-19 Vaxx Propaganda

Tanzania and Madagascar will not require the Covid-19 Vaxx, urging citizens and residents rather to stay in good health and use local medical practices: https://www.devex.com/news/the-countries-that-don-t-want-the-covid-19-vaccine-99243

Atfer mysterious death of Tanzania leader, the new government has agreed to receive free Vaxx doses, while Burundi and Eritrea have not accepted the Vaxx, and the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (Opposition Govt. in Western Sahara) has refused to begin a vaxx program: https://www.devex.com/news/tanzania-finally-joins-covax-100172

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4 thoughts on “Where in the World are Covid Vaxxes mandatory, currently?”

  1. Transmis tel que reçu

    ‪Intrigué par ce drame qui secoue Haïti, j’ai fait mes recherches et j’ai découvert que le Président Haïtien Jovenel Moïse (assassiné à son domicile dans la nuit du 6 au 7 Juillet 2021) était contre les vaccins Covid. Haïti est d’ailleurs parmi les rares pays de la planète à ne pas avoir vacciné un seul de ses citoyens (Vous pouvez aller vérifier).

    ‪Puis j’ai découvert que cinq pays n’apparaissent pas sur “Our world in data” section Covid. ‬Parmi ces cinq pays il y a :
    ‪• Le Burundi de NKURUNZIZA ‬
    ‪• La Tanzanie de John POMBE MAGUFULI‬
    ‪• Haïti de Jovenel MOÏSE. ‬

    ‪* NKURUNZIZA qui était contre la dictature sanitaire et les faux chiffres de l’OMS à été assassiné avec sa mère.‬

    * John MAGUFULI qui a démontré l’arnaque des tests PCR et qui était contre les vaccins a été assassiné.

    * Jovenel MOÏSE qui a refusé de vacciner son peuple a été assassiné avec son épouse. ‬

    Cinq pays dans le monde n’ont pas vacciné leurs populations: La Tanzanie , le Burundi , Haïti, l’Érythrée et la Corée du Nord. Après avoir assassiné les Présidents du Burundi , de la Tanzanie et d’Haïti , ces démons mondialistes s’attaqueront sans doute à Isaias AFWERKI President de l’Érythrée et Kim JONG UN Chef Suprême de l’État de Corée du Nord.

    ‪Lorsque des dirigeants refusent de faire vacciner leurs peuples, ils sont lâchement assassinés. ‬

    ‪Alors , coïncidence !? 🤔😎‬

    ‪D’après certains Panafricons sans discernement et manipulés par les médias de zombification occidentaux, Jovenel n’aimait pas son peuple et il était un pion des impérialistes (qui salissent sa mémoire dans leurs médias propagandistes). Nous savons que les dirigeants Africains et d’ailleurs qui font allégeance aux puissances occidentales ont fait vacciner leurs peuples, alors quel est donc ce pion des terroristes occidentaux qui refuse de vacciner son peuple avec le poison des bio-terroristes de l’OMS !?‬

    ‪Enfants d’Afrique et Afrodescendants, reveillez-vous ! Les satanistes mondialistes chantres du nouvel ordre mondial nous font la guerre, ils veulent nous exterminer , nous déshumaniser.

    Non au vaccin des bio-terroristes mondialistes chez nous.

    Je vous prie de copier et de partager à tous vos contacts.

    Le combat continue. Reposez en paix dignes fils du peuple Noir. 🙏🏿🕊‬

    1. Rough translation into English…..

      As received……

      Intrigued by this story that protects Haiti, I did some research and discovered that the Haitian President Jovenel Moïse (assassinated at home during the night of the 6th or 7th July) was against the covid Vaxx. Haiti is amongst one of the rare countries on the planet that has not covid injected a single one of its citizens. (You can go verify).

      Then I discovered that 5 countries do not appear in “Our world in Data” in the covid section. Among these 5 countries there is :

      ‪• Burundi of NKURUNZIZA ‬
      ‪• Tanzania of John POMBE MAGUFULI‬
      ‪• Haiti of Jovenel MOÏSE. ‬

      ‪* NKURUNZIZA who was against the sanitary dictatorship and the false numbers from OMS/WHO was assassinated with his mother.

      * John MAGUFULI who demonstrated the flaws in the PCR tests (papaya and goat tested positive) and who was against the Vaxx was assassinated.

      * Jovenel MOÏSE who refused to Vaxx his people was assassinated with his wife.

      Five countries in the world have not vaxxed their populations: Tanzania, Burundi, Haiti, Eritrea and North Korea. After having assassinated the Presidents of Burundi, Tanzania and Haiti, these globalist demons will attack without doubt Isaias AFWERKI the President of Eritrea and Kim JONG the Head of State of North Korea.

      As soon as Leaders refuse to Vaxx their people, they’re summarily assassinated.

      So is this a Coincidence!? 🤔😎‬

      Since there are certain Pan Africans without discernment and manipulated by the zomby media of the West, Jovenel didn’t like his people and he was a pawn for the imperialists (who dirtied his memory in their propaganda media). We know that African Leaders and those besides who forge allegiance with Western Powers have Vaxxed their people, thus what is therefore this pawn of western terrorists who refuse to Vaxx their people with the poison of the bioterrorism of the OMS/WHO !?

      Children of Africa and descendants of Africa, wake-up! The satanic globalists chanting the new world order make war with us, they want to exterminate us, dehumanise us.

      No to the globalists bio-terrorist vaxx in our homeland.

      I kindly ask you to copy and to share this with all of your contacts.

      The battle continues. Rest in the peace of the dignified Son of Black People. 🙏🏿🕊‬

  2. PCR tests have been proved to be scientifically unreliable. The magic spot is apparently 20-25 cycles. If nothing is found at those levels, there is nothing to be found. Anything above a cycle threshold of 35 is apparently giving a 97% false positive result. Funny how you never see them swab in the mouth, even though the virus should be in the saliva.
    Why this odd procedure deep into a nostril?
    We have more saliva than snot.
    They don’t want to use a more accurate saliva test, that is also cheaper, and give results in ten minutes. No wonder, as then the numbers would not be satisfying to call it a pandemic.
    Everyone should read the book Virus Mania.
    Healthcare and science is tightly controlled by Big Pharma, always have been, always will be, and they have corrupted everything on all levels since day one.
    No wonder people fall for the narrative, when their lobbying and funding reaches so far into society.

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