7 thoughts on “Why everyone should own at least one firearm”

  1. Some of us don’t have an ounce of physical violence in us, I’m one of them. Even when I’m attacked I’ve been like here take whatever you want; the Bible teaches us to give them what they want and turn the other cheek. Martyrs when they die go straight to heaven. We need not be afraid of anything. If our lives are in danger and it’s meant for us to survive Jesus will find a way. ‘Jesus I trust in you’. I am a survivor of multiple attacks, what they refer to as complex trauma. And I’m a 911 survivor. Nothing scares me. With God on our side who can be against us. St. Michael the Archangel, protect us in battle.

    1. Joan what you say is true. But a father or mother, or anyone who has the duty to care for others, cannot opt for martyrdom, they must defend themselves if they can and when they can, so that they can survive to help those who could not survive without them. If you look at the list of martyrs, they were nearly all unmarried and had no one they had to care for.

      1. True. I thought about it after I posted. I’m single never married no kids and all the family friends and neighbors have long since written me off. For obvious reasons. Nothing would make me happier than to get out of this assignment, this is work to me.

    2. We need good people to survive. We all have a duty to live. You can’t teach or help anyone get to Heaven if you’re dead. If you don’t stop someone who would kill you, then they will probably move on to the next victim.

  2. P.S. In the interest of full disclosure, my mother and I did have to hire armed security to protect the property up north, he’s still on the payroll. That was several years ago; neighbors and family were both having their way with the place, and threatening to do more. I’m not completely naive to the fact that we are literally under attack, this is war.

  3. I’m In the same boat as You Joan
    Am in Ireland so owning a firearm not an option and I won’t be missed if I’m gone so Gods Will be done 🙏but won’t be taking a poison needle Voluntary

    1. Thanks for that Marie. I consider taking the vaxx to be suicide; it’s all over the news now, there’s no excuse. Suicide is the ultimate selfish act. I actually believe some folks are so discouraged at this point, and depressed, that’s why they’re taking the shot. What they don’t realize, if they survive the shot life gets radically more difficult, as many are now on the internet testifying. To families of those who have passed, God in his infinite mercy DOES take many souls who die this way to heaven, don’t lose hope, just continue to pray for them.

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