2 thoughts on “Disney, MkUltra and the Pedophile Ruling class in the USA”

  1. For conservative Christians, real conservative Christians, we have no knowledge or involvement with this, other than what we see in the news. I think it’s far more relevant to discuss what happens to 17-18 year olds when they’re sent off to college. A lot of parents these days view college as a ‘get out of jail’ card. After the child gets dropped off they are on their own, with little or no way to defend themselves. Cries to the administration go unheeded, if the child has the capacity to even understand what’s happening and speak up. It’s similar to the abuse situation in the Church. It often takes decades for the child to understand what happened. After they’re chemically poisoned and physically abused then comes the social indoctrination. By the time the child is 21 the wheels are set in motion for everything that’s going on in the world. Little Johnny or Janey lands a job at BBH or JPM or Citi or Chase and then everyone asks, what’s the problem? The situation is far far worse with kids who are sent off to boarding school. This is how the ‘elites’ I know operate. Indoctrination begins early, by the time the child is 21 it’s ‘permanent’. Entertainment is an entirely different beast. For that I suggest researching Hollywood celebrities who changed their name. What you’ll find is similar to the Jewish controlled banking business, they control almost everything.

  2. In the news today Disney is moving thousands of jobs to ‘business friendly’ Florida. The DS is determined to take down the northern half of the state. Hence the military police in Tampa, now this. Oh and the steady stream of NYers moving here permanently. Walmart claims that’s what’s causing some of the food shortages I’ve noticed here. So first they trash and loot their neighborhoods, then they come down here and take over. Nice. I’m so outta here.

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