Dr Charles Hoffe MD: the mRNA Vaxx will kill most people via heart failure

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4 thoughts on “Dr Charles Hoffe MD: the mRNA Vaxx will kill most people via heart failure”

  1. The medical condition he’s describing isn’t the same as simply having a heart attack. What he’s talking about, low oxygen level in the blood, is a total freaking nightmare. Supplemental portable oxygen, carrying a tank with you everywhere, probably wheel chair bound, nebulizer treatments with drugs possibly to try to get more oxygen to the lungs, then a facility/nursing home setting if oxygen is needed around the clock; generally these people, the ones I’ve known, are not mobile and have other related problems like a lot of fluid retention. In terms of watching someone suffer, this is as bad as it gets. Ultimately the heart fails but that could take time. Who’s going to pay for all this? I’m hearing already the medical insurance companies aren’t covering damages from these experimental injections. That apparently is why the doctors aren’t coding the damages as vaxx related. What a mess. Truly insane.

      1. We’re talking $10,000 per month average here for skilled nursing, $12,000 for a decent place. Not including most medical bills, those are usually covered by insurance. Medicaid kicks in if the family assets are drained, which is what will probably happen. I guess the government doesn’t care how much it costs or what it takes to kill us. And oh by the way, all the beds are usually filled, pre-covid, it takes an act of God to get one.

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