Dr. David Martin, Leading International Underwriter says the Pandemic is a total Scam and Criminal Conspiracy

Dr. Martin in this video indicates all the documented evidence that any lawyer in any nation can use to file suit against any of the operators, journalists, corporations, politicians and police who are pushing the Covid narrative, as participants in a global scam, biological warfare and a crime against humanity.

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12 thoughts on “Dr. David Martin, Leading International Underwriter says the Pandemic is a total Scam and Criminal Conspiracy”

  1. I just listened to a Steve Bannon interview of Sidney Powell. The question was, what are you doing. She said she’s looking to hire seven more lawyers and filing more lawsuits. I’m sorry, but if that’s the best we can do after the public had well over one year to figure everything out and fix it, I think it’s too late. Last time I checked we have 181M vaxxd walking dead people here in the US. Even if everyone left has a miraculous conversion we are economically done.

  2. Why is it that Trump, whom I believe had this info while in office, started encouraging U.S. citizens to get the vax? Horrendous! Is there no-one to trust… Our military is completely compromised by the requirement to take the fax… All of them. God help us.

    1. You are 100% correct to ask this question. Because if a patent lawyer can get this information, then the CIA, FBI and NSA can get it. Therefore, they must have it, therefore, they ARE LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and are actually part of the Masonic plot to exterminate us all.

      This is what it means to server satan. Maybe it is time to join the CatholicPartyForAmerica.com ?

    2. I posted a reply, don’t think it went thru so I’ll briefly say it again. Trump’s comments about the vaxx went from neutral lukewarm to pro-vaxx to an extreme. Makes no sense. We’re not getting the full truth.

  3. There are so many “truths” out there now, with Covid-19 and Covid variants, that I am totally befuddled by what I read and it really comes down to my perception of what I think is valid from what is not.
    Everyone is pushing their own agenda.
    For mRNA vaccine makers to have total immunity from prosecution for a vaccine which has not been approved for human use, except in emergency conditions, where those vaccinated have to accept total responsibility for whatever those vaccines do to them – smells like a rotten fish to me – and now, I believe the truth of the matter is starting to emerge – which in a nutshell is the extermination of most of our human species down to 50 million or less – in an effort to save our world from overheating and going into the next ice age, when the oceans reverse, for 5,000 years – bearing in mind that the people who started this extermination will live to survive it, whereas most of us won’t and they are the ones who profited from the abuse they did to this planet, to make it as it is now, to gather their wealth to them, on the backs of us, the multitude who made their excessive wealth possible, whom they have no purpose for now.
    I am 74 so my days are pretty much numbered anyway – I really don’t want to die in a country where there aren’t any of my kind around for quite some distance.
    From your perspective, it would be really nice if you had a Catholic Order which could go around catching up with the perpetrators of this end of the multitude as we know it and putting them to death, after all, if most of your congregation and clergy are dead, then the purpose of your church and religion, will go the same way as the rest of us, there won’t be enough left to support it – which should be reason enough to deliver “God’s Vengeance”, starting off with the super rich on their mega yachts, currently moored in Greece and Cyprus, so we are led to believe.

  4. Follow up… I believed the military had already been directed to take the cv19 jab. I was mistaken. It’s still up for discussion. As a vet I implore all of you to do your research to make the best decision for yourselves. God bless us… All of us.

  5. Initially Trump was deceived by Fauci and drug industry.
    Once the steamroller started running downhill,I think Trump supported vaxx( shot/ jab NOT a vaccine)to NOT turn off his followers who had gotten the shot.He can only fight so many battles,the illegal election bringing important.Going against shot while needed would dilute top goal

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