How to respond when the Govt comes to your door, asking you to take the Vaxx

A little humorous, a lot of truthfulness.

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2 thoughts on “How to respond when the Govt comes to your door, asking you to take the Vaxx”

  1. Call your county health department and ask them to send you a religious exemption form. If they say the vaxx is not mandatory yet tell them to send whatever form they currently use for children, this is commonly used for school age children. Fill out the form, I would have your signature witnessed and notarized, and keep the original affixed to your refrigerator. This is where government and medical personnel look for any instructions including DNR. If they come to the home they cannot enter without an invitation or a warrant for search or arrest. Don’t give in to this bullying, this is self defense. Read your Catechism, what it says about protecting your life.

  2. Help us with a vaxx that is apparently according to the CDC is 18.000% more deadly than the flu vaxx, and causes clotting that slowly kills you, and also shuts down your immunsystem, from a virus, that 99.85% will only get headache and sore throat from, which these 99.85% will survive without any treatment at home.
    Think about that one..
    The pandemic is the RTPCR tests. Most countries test everyone at 35+ cycles. The most common cycle threshold used in labs is 40-45 cycles, and that gives you a nice false positive result of 97%. This IS science. It has been proven.
    What can you say? There is no real medical pandemic at all says all the respected scientists.
    What we have is a planned extermination using mRNA vaxx.
    All we can do is sit and wait to see if what they all say will happen. I wish I could save more people, but they just listen to biased media, and the corrupt fake smiling freemasons, and won’t listen.

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