Dr. Bhakdi: Recent Scientific studies prove that every human is already immune to COVID and all its variants

In addition to revealing that 3 scientific studies have proven that all humans are already immune to all coronavirus infections, Dr. Bhakdi explains how the Vaxx causes a unique and highly lethal immune reaction for all who take a second shot, because it will cause your entire immune system, that which is is directed against viruses and that which is directed against bacteria, to attack your entire body and cause massive release of blood coagulating spike proteins into the bloodstream.

Worse even, if anyone takes a booster shot or any subsequent Spike Protein containing shot.

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Bhakdi: Recent Scientific studies prove that every human is already immune to COVID and all its variants”

  1. People should think about what is really going on in the world with this fake pandemic and all the insane and draconian measures, the devils death sentence saliva they all inject themselves with. You can see on all social media channels how more and more people are waking up. Under every stupid propaganda video, people’s comments are showing that they don’t believe in the pseudo science and lies. It’s really nice to see. There is always hope in the darkness.
    The dark commander, his influencers and foot soldiers, are obviously behind all this. After seeing the Heineken ad I won’t drink that again. That ad shows, that after taking the poison, you can join the decadent club and lose your soul with them. The others should stay away. Whatever they tempt with, it’s always something that corrupts you on several levels, and a downward spiral to sadness, depression, emptyness, and of feeling lost and lonely. I have experienced both sides, but only one side saved me.

    1. That is a Bitchute video, so go to Bitchute.com and search for Dr. Bhakdi and you will find this program and there in the show notes find your answer.

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