2 thoughts on “Expansion of US Capitol Police accross the US is another hallmark of a Nazi Regime”

  1. So much for Florida being a safe haven. Interesting that they’re putting the satellite office up in Tampa; south Florida has been controlled territory for decades, and they know it. The southwest coast used to be a lot better, now it’s as fouled up as the east coast, for years. The Church is hopeless in south Florida, both coasts, it’s controlled by the gay mob. The main problem with these people as neighbors, they have no integrity in the way they live their lives. Everything revolves around lying cheating and stealing. As I used to say in Manhattan, every time I left my apartment it was like going out into a war zone. The only solution is to separate from this evil. Eventually I do believe we’re going to run out of places to hide, at which point the protected will only be those in a state of grace with God.

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