5 thoughts on “Fr. Altman at CPAC: Without Christianity, Democracy becomes a Nazi State ruled by godless Elites”

  1. Father Altman did not mention Christianity or the name of Jesus Christ once, neither in the entire interview nor in the closing prayer. He said “God or transcendent truth” but he never said Christianity or the name of Jesus Christ …He had a rubber tied around his neck and was very controlled (opposition https://fitzinfo.net/controlled-opposition/).

    1. Being a Catholic priest we understood him according to what he is wont to preach. But you are correct that he should have explicitly named Jesus Christ and the Catholic Faith.

    2. Agreed. Father’s talk seemed tame, subdued, even superficial, when compared to the powerfully inspiring sermons he used to give. Maybe it’s post traumatic stress syndrome, an involuntary reaction to the nightmare he’s been put through?

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