Greece follows France: mandates Vaxx for Health Workers, Vaxx Passports

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3 thoughts on “Greece follows France: mandates Vaxx for Health Workers, Vaxx Passports”

  1. Cuba was administering the Russian Sputnik 5 vaxx that has far less lethal results if any. Recently Cuba announces it has developed its own vaxx, and viola, riots and protests break out.
    Much like Madagascar that had its own natural cures were told
    to hush up the Eurocrats held a meeting in 2020 of course in where else, Madagascar of course.

  2. This is bad also for anyone who needs healthcare and is against the haccines, because it forces us to either ask our drs and dentists if they’ve been haccinated (to avoid their shedding) – something none of us want to do because we respect their privacy, or just forget about ever going to them again.

    Looking into homeopathy.

  3. I understand we must fight to the death anyone who tries to forcibly do us grave harm, including inject us. And we must never try to benefit from grave harm done to ourselves or others ie the aborted whose bodies were used to produce the injections.

    If they manage to inject us despite our best effort, must we also never try to benefit from having been injected, even if it means no shopping or travel or even claiming the right to enter our own apartments, should uninjected tenants be locked out? I would think yes, we must never try to benefit but I’m not sure.

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