The Bergoglian Synagogue has begun to turn on itself does not republish this because it sustains or agrees with any of the personal attacks of one side or the other, but merely to document what is going on among those who think Bergoglio is the Pope. Frank Walker is one of the few to point out that the problem is Bergoglio, and obedience to him is not the solution.

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4 thoughts on “The Bergoglian Synagogue has begun to turn on itself”

  1. Frank does this daily summary of news of interest, it can also be found on his website. He’s a little difficult to follow if you’re not a cradle Catholic; his mind contains so much information about what’s going on, I think it’s processing all this as fast as it can, but he’s getting so bombarded with new news it’s sometimes hard to follow. Stick with him is my suggestion, he’s one of the few speaking the truth. Not surprised if False Prophet’s followers are turning on each other, it’s in prophecy, eventually that’s how this all ends. Dog eat dog. As my ex-boss from a Swiss bank explained it to me, ‘he eats what he kills’. Eventually when there aren’t enough of us left to destroy they turn on each other to feed their need to try to take other souls down with them.

  2. The people will be divided in two. As I think there is only 2 religions. Jesus is the right path and all the rest are Freemason and their satanic tricks. The upper masons are Satanism worshipers, witchcraft and sacrifices worshiping the Lucifer. Freemasons don’t hate Buddha they don’t hate or oppose Mohamed or Vishnu or even new age movement. In fact new age movement is encouraged… coz it’s all designed by Freemasons . Therefore the one they hate the most is Jesus. So baisicly it’s either lucifer or Jesus path. Freemasons are all the people in power, all actors and all singers and baisacly all presidents, actors and priests, that show devil horns with their hands as they preach. They are all satanist. They have a secret hand shake, it’s a grip type. You see Putin and Obama, Boris etc. They show off their satanic religion by closing one eye in pictures or they put their one hand in jacket, like magicians. or have image of pyramid with an all seeing eye on top , on their clothing, It’s all symbolism of freemasonry satanism cult. You are either a Freemason and all the other versions of it or you follow Jesus. Even pope has a picture with one hand hiding in his robe. They hate Jesus but he will win on the end.

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