US Government Programs to turn all us into Cyborgs beginning with infants!

The Vaxx emphasis on all above 12 years old, may be to produce 100s of millions of orphans who can be implanted as perpetual slaves.

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4 thoughts on “US Government Programs to turn all us into Cyborgs beginning with infants!”

  1. I am a New Zealander. I just found out about your compulsory vaccine program. This is horrifying. Some of you readers here on other articles are completely aware of the fact that this spike protein is a deadly eugenics and financial reorganisation program. Italy will be decimated.
    You will have to 1. leave the country , or 2. Find some way of resisting or3. Commence a full scale revolution, and then you would have half Italy after you.
    I would like to write more but I fear the moderator would censor me. Ludvyk Jahn New Zealand

  2. The article does impy the reality that the Corona group of viruses have been manipulated for twenty years, the Patents in USA for SARS Cov2 patented in 2018 and 2019. The Covid group is known to be an excellent carrier [ of say the SARS spike] and perfect for biological warfare. Hence the theme of this article children as slaves. Our Government especially yours are in the hands of bankster psychopaths. You are in the third world war with me and this tine we are on the same side. This is not all of us, your friends and enemies are man or woman by numbers, some of us for you, the rest we call sheep, stupid bleating TV watching sheep. Half of your country will be lost in the next few years. USA is lost now , as is most of the West W have everything to fear. >> Ludvyk Jahn New Zealand

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