Anti-Pope forbids his followers the Ancient Mass, except with special permission


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Well the Globalist puppet, installed by the CIA during the putchs of February – March of 2013, has barked a lot for 8 years but now lashes out against those whom he has managed to control psychologically, despite all the canonical and theological evidence that he is not the pope, never was or even could be a pope.

And thus he has published Traditionis Custodes, his motu proprio against the Traditional Roman Rite, or Ancient Roman Mass, canonized by the Bull of Saint Pius V in 1570.

I do not usually comment on anything he writes, but occasionally a canonical comment is deserved. Here there are several major errors, which I will note, to open the eyes of those who still have eyes to see:

A Revealing series of faux paux

Bergoglio makes several errors in his attempt to present himself as the Vicar of Christ. First of all, he styles himself as the Supreme Pontiff, but not as the Roman Pontiff.  This is revealing. He is recognizing Pope Benedict XVI as the true Pope.

He does this again, by using the First Person Singular in the document, thus making no claim to the Pontifical Authority or Regality as the Vicar of Jesus Christ. Very telling. Pay attention!

Second, the document’s title (if the English authentically represents the Latin) nullifies its contents: “ON THE USE OF THE ROMAN LITURGY PRIOR TO THE REFORM OF 1970”, because as such it refers to Masses said before 1970.

Third, he calls the men whom he has canonized, “Saints”, and I have anticipated that argument in my recent article, “Why I believe Paul VI and John Paul II are more likely damned, not saints” and argues from their actions to establish his “motu proprio”. This is circular logic and circular spirituality.

He confesses a guilty conscience as an Anti-Pope by calling Pope Benedict XVI twice, his “Venerable Predecessor”.

Now for a line by line critique:

Art. 1. The liturgical books promulgated by Saint Paul VI and Saint John Paul II, in conformity with the decrees of Vatican Council II, are the unique expression of the lex orandi of the Roman Rite.

So, the Mozorabic, Gallic, Sarum and all the other forms of the Latin and Roman Rites were not expressions of the lex orandi of the Roman Rite? Is he saying that they are heretical? He seems to be excommunicating every Roman Catholic who ever prayed before 1970.  How diabolic and how Marxist. Erase the past, Emend you memories!

Art. 2. It belongs to the diocesan bishop, as moderator, promoter, and guardian of the whole liturgical life of the particular Church entrusted to him,[5] to regulate the liturgical celebrations of his diocese.[6] Therefore, it is his exclusive competence to authorize the use of the 1962 Roman Missal in his diocese, according to the guidelines of the Apostolic See.

Here the Anti-Pope shows his hand. He rejects as a principle of law that the Apostolic See has any right or competence to authorize liturgical books outside of the Diocese of Rome.  No Roman Pontiff or Western Patriarch has ever talked this way.  Anti-Pope alert!

Art. 3. The bishop of the diocese in which until now there exist one or more groups that celebrate according to the Missal antecedent to the reform of 1970:

§ 1. is to determine that these groups do not deny the validity and the legitimacy of the liturgical reform, dictated by Vatican Council II and the Magisterium of the Supreme Pontiffs

Here in Article 3, n. 1, he insists on the validity of the invalid and the legitimacy of the illegitimate, since inasmuch as Vatican I declared infallibly that the Roman Pontiff is a servant not author of Sacred Tradition, it is beyond the power even of a valid pope to create ecclesiastical tradition. He can only preservere it. Therefore, the liturgy of Paul VI is entirely illegitimate in principle and in its very ratio essendi. As for its validity, all statistics show it has no power to sanctify and sustain the life of Holy Mother Church, only to lead the faithful away from Her. And Pope Benedict XVI in his motu proprio already decrees as historical fact which can never be denied, that the Ancient Mass was never abrogated.

Historically, here there is an expression of a grave error, since Vatican II dictated nothing. I think he uses, “dictated”, because this is the traditional verb used for the action of the Holy Spirit in authoring Scripture.  As for the Magisterium of Supreme Pontiffs, I already mentioned why their teaching authority cannot create ecclesiastical tradition. Thus it can neither demolish one.

+ + +

Now its open war at Rome, please join the fray

As you can see, if you read the rest of the document (click the image above for the English translation), there is going to be a radical and swift elimination of the Traditional Latin Mass among Bergoglians.  That their sacrilegious lips who utter the name of an Antipope no longer be allowed to pray that Mass is certainly a divine punishment, but for the Faithful who had doubts about who is the true pope, God has just providentially permitted a big BLINKING sign to be set up at the Vatican:  This idiot is not the one you are looking for!

I find significant the recent devastating floods in Germany in the very region where the author of the new Mass theology, of Communion in Mystery, a Benedictine Monk who modeled his theology on the Nazi Political Rallies, which floods killed 93 and caused 1000 to disappear. The New Mass is a flood which kills and causes the faithful to disappear.

For my part, I here and now resolve to open a Traditional Latin Mass Center at Rome, with priests in communion with Pope Benedict.  Let the Restoration of the True Church begin! If you would like to help, make a donation below:

I am not asking this of my regular rear-guards, but of those who were in communion with Bergoglio up to this day, but now see that he is not the Pope and could  never be. I ask you, as an act of piety and PENANCE for having called this horror “the Pope”, to support this new initiative at Rome.

This will be no small undertaking, and all monies received will be kept in escrow by Save Old St. Mary’s Inc, a U.S. 501(c)(3) non profit, for this purpose.  I would ask you to donate at least $100 USD and for those who now see that WE ARE AT WAR with the false Church, consider a donation of $1000,  $5000, $10,000 USD or more.

With Globalist Censorship growing daily, No one will ever know about the above article, if you do not share it.

20 thoughts on “Anti-Pope forbids his followers the Ancient Mass, except with special permission”

  1. Uncanny, how antipope Bergoglio manages to hit the Church with his largest bombs on our Blessed Mother’s major feast days. Think that’s an accident? I don’t.

  2. A-catholic (and dumb & stubborn) Trads : he is your “Pope”. Please enjoy him.

  3. Thank you, Br Bugnolo.

    I thought abrogation was something only false idols (e.g. Allah) and their false prophets (e.g. Mohammed) did.

  4. Maybe this Motu Proprio (illegal because JB is an Antipope) will prove to be the catalyst that opens the eyes of the dumb & dumbers of the Catholic World that the False Prophet has usurped the PO from PBXVI who is the Vicar of Chnrist on this earth. I am hanging on to my faith because of him which keeps me in communion with Rome. If Satan is left to rule the Vatican after his death I will not submit to JB, a notorious Idolator, Heretic, Apostate, Blasphemer & active enemy of Christ Our Lord. There are no traditional churches withion 600 kms. to attend & anyway I want the Traditional Church restored in Liturgy & Sacraments as per pre VII to be made available to every Catholic worldwide. No closed churches or public disputes & withdrawal of faculties from orthodox priests ever again. Nothing less will do! Cardinals Burke, Mueller, Sarah please note.

  5. Just for the record, I believe his title is False Prophet. The issue for me is not the Latin Mass per se, it is communion in the hand. Jesus abhors communion in the hand, as per countless comments to numerous visionaries, Church approved. This is an attack on Jesus Christ, and by association Mother Mary as well. My forecast, after the upcoming Synod False Prophet and Co. I expect will change the consecration of bread and wine such that the real presence is no longer there. This sets the stage for half the priests to go one way half the other way. The great prophesized schism. Then we all go to a cave with our peanuts and honey, live happily ever after. I’m trying to look at the bright side, only a couple more years dealing with these demonic entities. This tells me the timeline is accurate.

  6. I don’t believe the Novus Ordo Mass was ever valid ( at least according to late Fr Malachi Martin)—and neither is Roncalli’s 1962 SSPX Mass valid ( because he included St Joseph in the canon)—The only true Mass is the Tridentine of St Pius V—-The Novus Ordo is a Protestant supper( that was the intention of Montini’s man Annibale Bugnini)—There are many bad things in the sanctuaries too i.e. Heretical crucifixes ( no INRI sign , no foot rest, the Lord appearing ‘alive’ on the crucifix [when His sacrifice at Calvary was completed]–the spear wound is on the wrong side [left side when it should be on the right]—the wrong foot is placed on top of the other [all of this was done on purpose])—I daily read a 1959 St Joseph Missal and pray the Holy Rosary ( Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious mysteries)—I think the True Church is in the catacombs—so I stay away from any and all invalid masses —even certain so -called Traditionalist groups accept/ recognize the heretical-apostate authority of Vatican II —-So if one like myself doesn’t along with what’s in vogue today , I am termed a ‘schismatic ‘( but if that’s the case then all those Holy Saints of long, long ago are schismatic then)

  7. A motu Proprio is a personal act of a Pope but not infallible. The Bull quo primum of Pope St. Pius V is an infallible act following on from an infallible council (Trent). That is why no pope can abrogate the Tridentine rite. Vatican II was not an infallible council only a pastoral one as stated in the words of Paul VI. The only infallible decrees of Vatican II are those which reiterated infallible decrees from previous councils or Popes. The Novus Ordo was not the product of Vatican II because the Council fathers agreed to use only those rites already in existence, chiefly the Tridentine Rite as promulgated by Pius V and the 1962 version of the Pius V Roman Missal as updated by John XXIII in 1962. This document of George Bergolio (alias Pope Francis) is totally contradictory to the facts of history concerning Vatican II and the Novus Ordo of Paul VI. For those who do not know the facts about the life and career of that particular pope, I suggest reading the book on him by the late Father Luigi Villa which can be found free online. Father Villa managed to stop the beatification of Pope Paul in the pontificate of Pope John Paul II for very good reasons. If had not been for Monsignor Montini’s long friendship with Pope Pius XII, he would have been almost certainly excommunicated by that Pope just as Monsignor Tondi ( a collaborator in Montini’s department) was by the same pope. If that had happened, then history would have been very different post 1958 because there would have been no Cardinal Montini (Archbishop of Milan) or Pope Paul VI. Facts that many catholics need to acquaint themselves with in trying to understand what is now happening in Holy Mother Church.

    I pray that your new apostolate in Rome will be a resounding success Brother. God bless you and your work.

  8. Dear Brother Bugnolo,
    Who are you referring to when you mentioned “the author of the new Mass theology, of Communion in Mystery, a Benedictine Monk who modeled his theology on the Nazi Political Rallies”……..

    1. Dom Odo Casel of the Maria Laach Monastery. His Abbot was a Nazi collaborator of high profile.

  9. It all comes down to their “Universal church of man” –A ceremony was held June 29,1963 ( the enthronement of satan or the “superforce “)—June 29th was also the day Paul 6th revealed about the “smoke of satan entering the church”—-Paul 6th gave away the papal crown/tiara ( because this was given to lucifer/satan in the 1963 ceremony[ and thus Popes would no longer rule the church])—satanists even know that the Novus Ordo mass is invalid —-the Latin Tridentine Mass would only get in their way of a 1 world Universal religion( so it must be put away)—The Church structures/ facade would remain intact, but it would be subverted not to saving souls but doing the works of humanism —It’s hard sometimes to think Cardinals, some Popes and even priests would willingly want to do something like this–and to follow a “superforce” to make the planet and cosmos habitable for man—and a diabolical rule of a trinity of lucifer, an emperor, and a patriarch —-I still wonder about those Masonic symbols Paul VI put on his mother Judith’s tombstone—What is this ” superforce” they want and are subservient to? Why would they have a Christ or Jesus who is opposed to the Roman Catholic Church and saving souls? Why is it in one Masonic book it said the Samaritans believed a goat created the world( is this Azazel and the reason behind the Jewish scapegoat story?)?

  10. Paul 6th’s “Memoriale Domini” gave permission to the Episcopal conferences to allow Communion in the hand and his “Fidei Custos” allowed the laity ( Eucharistic ministers), not Apostles and clergy, to distribute Communion—He also might have opened the door to a married priesthood with his ” Sacrum Diaconatus Ordinem” ( allowing both single and married men the diaconate)—-His “Matrimonia Mixta” abolished completely the promise that the non-catholic married spouse had to have children given a Catholic upbringing—-Also read that Paul VI emphasized ” dialogue ” over “docete” ( belief)

  11. When I reflect now on that enthronement of lucifer in the chapel of St Paul ( on June 29, 1963)—I think of 2 books I just came across pertaining to the “goat”: “Sketch Of The Religions Of The World” ( by Robert Shaw 1904) and “On Mankind: Their Origin And Destiny” ( by Arthur Dyot Thomson 1872)—According to these authors the new year began in the constellation of Capricornus ( Pan ) the goat—so the word tragedy itself means the “ode of the goat” ( so sacrifice was essential and part of the theater)–The goat was seen as creator because it nursed the god of light ( Jupiter)—and in the Samaritan Pentateuch, “Heezim”(goat) was changed by the Jewish writers to “Elohim” —-The Samaritans wrote ” In the beginning Heezim [the goat] created….”—So these authors here, both Shaw and Thomson, see the Samaritans borrowing this idea of the goat from Capricornus —-Seems that Masons are privy to this kind of information , and I read that Athenagorus ( the Patriarch whom Paul VI embraced–was a 33rd degree Mason!)

  12. As a Jew, I would like to comment on “Traditionis Custodes” paraphrasing what Rabbi Mayer Schiller had to say about the unwillingness of the Church to enact Fatima’s request to consecrate Russia.

    Throughout the Old Testament there are instances when the people of Israel would fail in their ritual or symbolic obligations and the result of that was the fact that the Jewish people were exiled twice and the Temple destroyed. The Old Testament tells us that the failure to obey God’s will in the end has to result in national or even international disaster.

    “Traditionis Custodes” symbolizes an impotent, weak Church unwilling to wage war, unwilling to teach a mankind which has deserted God. The sudden and continuous liberalization which followed the council’s conclusion in 1965 has led some to speak of a conciliar Church whose new beliefs, attitudes and practices are different from those of the one holy catholic, apostolic Church of all time.

    As Fatima presents a scandal to the conciliar Church (with it’s message that faith, morals and the wages of sin are most serious), so the conciliar Church – infested, as is, with relativism, subjectivism and religious pluralism – is very uncomfortable with the values expressed by the Traditional Liturgy which (as it happened with Fatima) would like to hide somewhere away, either ignoring it or accusing it to be too “rigid”.

    During the first exile we Jews “sat and cried as we remembered Jerusalem” (Psalm 137). That was for a little over 70 years. However, during the second exile, when we realized that it would last “a little longer”, the Rabbis – wisely – took the situation in their hands by transferring the liturgy from the Temple to the Synagogue and to the household, thus de facto empowering the head of that household: the Father.

    At the time of a disbanded Vatican priesthood, the Traditionalists, with their limited forces, if they want their faithful to survive as Traditional Catholics, need closure with – so to speak – their “Second Temple” and move their sacred liturgy into the protecting walls of their family life, shifting from “Second Temple” consciousness to a “Third Temple” world view, where they can forge a new link to replace the missing link of a no longer existing “Vatican City”.

    It is now clear that the new powerful leadership in the Vatican couldn’t care less about the 2000 year old doctrine of the Church. Their agenda is that of a “demented” Church, knowing too well that – like it happens, unfortunately, with dementia – “if you don’t use it, you lose it”.


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