9 thoughts on “Macron is playing with fire: 6 months jail, 45000 Euro fine for entering a bar without Vaxx Passport!”

  1. Kind of surprising that people are still going to bars and restaurants, and still drinking. While I’m busy working on my supply of honey roasted peanuts. I’m sorry, I just don’t understand how anyone could not know what’s going on at this point. I remember back in 2003 when I first figured out we had a serious problem with the stock market, based on the technical patterns in the data. Then in 2008 when I found out about the Catholic locutionists. All that time I kept saying, wait for more proof. By 2012 I got it and was convinced we’re in the end times. That was almost 10 years ago. Now it’s so obvious it’s just
    pitiful that these poor lost souls have no clue. We only have a couple years left in public, there’s no way they’re going to be ready on time. Macron is doing them a favor.

    1. Joan, agreed with what you wrote, but could you explain a little bit more what you mean by your last bit:

      “We only have a couple years left in public, there’s no way they’re going to be ready on time. Macron is doing them a favor.”

      Primarily: who will be ready with ‘what’, on time? what is the timeframe they are trying to meet? And how is Macron doing (who?) a favor? I can understand the only a couple of years left, but curious also about your estimate of that. Thank you!

      1. 1 Thessalonians – The Return of Jesus Christ, is the Bible reference I was thinking of.

      2. ‘Mother of God Garabandal’ is the correct search to lead you to that referenced blog.

  2. I admire the man that slapped him. Sadly he got 7 months jail for that. If you stand by and let evil run you over, then you are cowards, and God hate cowards.

  3. Back in the 60’s (1962..?)….France ended a vicious war with Algeria, granting them their independence. The French Foreign Legion, who felt that they had been stabbed in the back by DeGaulle, attempted an assassination but failed. I think they also planned to parachute into Paris.
    I’M Not advocating assassinations….necessarily…But One yearns for such bravery and real patriotism, especially from the elite units…NOW…when it I’d desperately needed…!!!👍

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