10 thoughts on “Alex Jones: Biden is preparing to forcibly Vaccinate Americans”

  1. It’s good to hear acknowledgement of the rage that all this madness has caused, and the warning not to be like a caged bucking bronco. Terrible to hear that veteran suicides have doubled from 20 to 40/day.

    One problem, though. Macron hasn’t said passes will be required to *leave home* or shop for groceries. He only said for entrance to bars, restaurants, long distance trains and shopping malls. But of course the potential is there for even worse restrictions, especially since announcing these ones have already caused a huge surge in appointments for ‘vaccinations’ (which might not be true – certainly hope not).

    Here’s an easy breathing exercize (takes 5 minutes): Inhale for 4 seconds, hold breath for 16, exhale for 8. Repeat 10 times. If it’s too difficult, just reduce the counts but keep the same ratio. Fill and empty lungs as much as possible each repetition. It’s an easy way to oxygenate, and quickly feel better.

  2. I appreciate what the alternative media is doing for us. I’m sure it’s costing a fortune and is not easy for any of these guys to pay their bills. However, headlines like this should be taken with a big grain of salt. We still have protections under the law; rights to medical privacy, right to refuse optional procedures, and certainly the right to refuse an experimental drug that the disclosure statement clearly says may result in death. We also still have religious exemptions, that vary by state. And if all else fails we are still protected by the Neurenberg Code. So a lot would have to change legally.

    1. Lol. Joan, have you noticed that they do give a bleep about any of those things which protect you presently?

      1. Br.Bug. I took care of my mother in a south Florida monopoly healthcare county, one hospital system, owned and operated for all intents and purposes by the US government/Medicare. A dementia case. Ten years. I got heavily involved with the medical powers that be the last five of it. They threw everything at me but the kitchen sink, threatened to take me to the courthouse and strip me naked if I didn’t do as I was told. Repeatedly I heard healthcare professionals say I was the biggest pain in the u know what in the history of the county, they’d never seen anyone fight for a life like I fought for my mother’s. Her case was eventually medically escalated to the state of Florida, where they did in fact side with me and rule that the county was in error, I had every right to do what I did, and everything was done properly. I’m not saying it was easy. I’m saying on paper we still have legal rights, that most of the powers that be treat like toilet paper, correct.

      2. Brother Bugnulo,

        Have you read the document from John Hopkins called , The Spars Pandemic 2025-2028? It’s obvious from reading this that they are never going to give us back our liberty it will go from bad to worse and I don’t know what it will take to wake people up? I would encourage you to read this document brother and give me your thoughts on it you can reach her at the following link: auricmedia.net. I wonder if what they want to occur is that everyone to become so disillusioned with our governments that will be begging for a new world government because we see that all of our governments are corrupt. And of course they have the solution.

  3. >>”Macron hasn’t said passes will be required to *leave home* or shop for groceries. He only said for entrance to bars, restaurants, long distance trains and shopping malls.”

    Tyranny is not established in one fell swoop, but by piecemeal rolling out of ever more onerous restrictions.
    The tactic is for the state to put the onus on the private sector, and then mop up with state (brute) force those few who were not “converted” by means of social and economic pressure.

    >>”So a lot would have to change legally.”

    Now THAT can be done in one fell swoop by the stroke of a pen signing “emergency measures”. Once martial law is enacted under whatever excuse all those “legal protections” go flying overboard. The demonstrations might just help the state overcome the legal “hurdle”.

    >>”Please don’t be too worried about Biden — he will be removed soon”

    There’s no real guarantee of that. Again, martial law can be enacted and all legal processes are stopped or ended. Besides, it doesn’t really matter who sits in the presidential or prime minister chairs: they’re all puppets!
    Even if martial law doesn’t come and/or Biden gets thrown out, it doesn’t really matter who Biden is replaced with: it’ll be the same poop, just with a different colour. All heads of state are getting their sealed envelope of orders from the same puppet masters.

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